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Frogs: the Gender Change

 Frogs are amazing creatures; they are some of the rare ones that can change their gender. Some amphibians and insects, like the Japanese frog of R. rugosa(Rana Rugosa), can shift its gender from male to female and vice versa, 

"The coexistence of two types of sex determining mechanisms in the same species is unusual and apart from the R. rugosa has only been reported in the platy fish, housefly, and the midge." It is rare for a certain species to be able to change their gender but they may change their gender to survive as is stated in "Darwin's Theory of Evolution" by natural selection or the survival of the fittest.

Normally, the presence or the absence of the Y chromosome determines if an organism is male(XY) or female(XX), but studies of frogs have been conducted and males have been made from the XX combination and females from the XY. When the number of members in the frogs society do not have a good proportion between the males and the females, there is a chemical trigger that will activate the genes that allow the sex organs to disintegrate and it will also trigger the development of the other organ. This in short is a description of how the frogs change their gender. 

This contributes to making the frog one of the most amazing and astounding creatures to walk this earth. 
New Facts:
  • There are other species that can change their gender.
  • The male: female ratio can trigger a gender change between frogs.
  • Female frogs can still have the same sex chromosomes(XX for females) and change their gender without the sex chromosomes changing to XY.
  • The sex organ disintegrates and makes a new one when changing gender.
  • When a female changes to a male, they assume the male fighting stance and other male frog characteristics.
  • The X and W(for frogs) chromosomes are homologuous( the sex cells don't cross over and chiasmata(the point where the paired chromosomes remain in contact after meiosis)).
Without genetics, the studies of any genes in plants, animals, and insects would not be possible and the interesting facts known about the frog as well as lots of other creatures would not be known to this world.

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