2013-14 Yearbooks ON SALE NOW 
December 20
$35 hardbound * full-color * 100 pages
* Purchase price goes up on December 21 and March 1 *

 Order  your yearbook in room 1 before or after school. 

If you would like to own a book filled with this year's events, order it soon. 
Extra copies will not be ordered.
Mission Statement / Goals:
  • To create a product that has value and merit beyond the extrinsic value of its staff, utilizing the basic principles and techniques of journalism, defined as current, reasoned reflection of events, needs, and values.
  • Course emphasis will be made on clear thinking, good writing, and effective presentation.
  • Staff will create and maintain an environment in which academic freedom is protected with the same vigor as truth.
  • Staff will be sensitive and responsive to the needs, concerns and interest of our multiple stakeholders: students, parents, faculty administrators, the curators, staff, alumni, professionals, media, potential employers of students, supporters, suppliers, government, educators, and community.
  • Students learn best by doing, whether in the practice of a craft, the conduct of research or the creation of new ideas.
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