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Schoenstatt Young Men ministry (SYM) is an apostolate of the Schoenstatt Movement that works with boys and young men, fostering their discipleship to Jesus through a deeper love of Mary in here Schoenstatt Shrines. The SYM ministers to boys ages 6-9 (Knights of Jesus and Mary), ages 10-18 (Schoenstatt Boys) and university students (Schoenstatt University Men), striving to help each participant, according to his age, grow in his love for God. In conjunction with their dads and the SYM Moderator (me, Fr. Mark), we run monthly meetings, hold periodic events such as retreats, camp-outs, rally days, etc, and offer prayer and sacrament moments to foster the values and self discipline needed for each member to play an active role in the Church and world. 

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“Called to Holiness”

Summer Camp Planning Weekend for the Schoenstatt High School Boys (by Fr. Mark)

On Friday March 16, a number of our High School and college guys gathered here in Waukesha to plan their Summer Camp (scheduled for June 27-July 1, 2012 in Madison, Wisconsin). They rolled in from Minnesota, Illinois and from here in Wisconsin. This encounter is traditionally held here in the Schoenstatt Boys Basement, which isn’t the most comfortable but allows for the young men to really get into the atmosphere of camp planning. This year was no different.

Along with the capture the flag games, some football and ultimate Frisbee, and the longest game of Lightening ever recorded at the basketball hoop outside the Fathers’ house, the weekend participants entered into the dynamic of running their weekend, taking care of most of their own meals and involving prayer times and group meetings.

With around 18 participants, our F.O.G. (Food Organization Guy) Tim St. did a great job keeping us nourished and the meal times running. His particular invention was adding two extensions to our round table, made it a huge donut board where most of us could sit at the same table. The threats of putting someone in the middle never materialized.

Paul B. was elected the “WD-40” that is the Weekend Director for 40 hours. He did a really good job keeping the conversations moving, even when the discussions started to bog down. Schedules were pretty much kept and after a long afternoon of trying to find the central theme for the camp, when everyone was thinking that the conversation was over, he heard someone mention a name that suddenly took hold and within a short time became the camp name: Called to Holiness

With the theme chosen, all the other conversations elements started to jell into the camp structure for this coming summer. The consensus was that the person of Fr. Jonathan Niehaus, who had created our SYM’s program, been the one who had worked with the boys for nine years and lead the first summer camps of this present structure (this will be the tenth lead entirely by the boys), would be this year’s hero. On Saturday morning we had studied Fr. Jonathan’s P.I. (Personal Ideal) that he had left in his Will and felt that God was using this to have us look at the way God calls each of us. The he gives us an example of courageous faith in challenging times and how to live our call in love and suffering.

That mean Sunday morning the camp leader was elected (Tim Sa.) with assistants and campsite names and leaders. The tee-shirt was designed and most things started to fall into place. It was beautiful to see how the young men felt that this was a real time to hear God’s call, not just to be nice or “good people” but to really go more deeply into our discipleship to Jesus that calls us to be holy. It looks to be an amazing camp!

P.S. No name was found for the 15 pound snapping turtle found on Sunday. Fortunately he was found after the weekend had officially ended so that the Moderator (Fr. Mark) could veto making it our camp mascot!


* Fall MN Father/Son Weekend
   November 2 - 4, 2012 
   Sch. on the Lake -- Sleepy Eye, MN
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Fall WI Father/Son Weekend
   December  7 - 9, 2012 
   International Schoenstatt Retreat Center, Waukesha, WI
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