I am a skilled Information Technology provider. From Apple Macintosh, Microsoft Windows, Hardware & Software, Networks, Websites, Software development and more.

Let me help get you back online, maintain your system, backup your system, install operating systems and software. If it has a cable and plug and is not working for you I can get it going again for you.


$40   Hourly Rate

$25   Jailbreak iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Apple TV
$25   Jailbreak Tweaking Hourly Rate

$100  Computer Setup 

$50 Hardware Install 

$40 Software Install 

$100 Operating System Install 

$100 Restore DVD Creation 

$100 Backup to DVD 

$50 Automated Backup to HD

$50 Network Setup 

$40 Add Device to Network

$25 GPS Waypoint

Learn to your your iPad, iPhone Mac or PC better.  I can teach you how in one or two hours.  Trust me you will be glad that you took the time to learn your device.  Suddenly you will me more productive.