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The Catholic Church provides the greatest opportunity, this side of heaven
to know and experience God and his power through Jesus Christ by the Holy Spirit

A comprehensive overview of the Catholic Faith
drawing from the works Fr. John Riccardo

compiled by Mary P. Wagner
Questions, corrections, and input (particularly on talks missing from this site) welcome via e-mail.

The purpose of this site is to incorporate, all in one place, all of Fr. John Riccardo's podcasts and videos that could be found on the internet (other than his homilies) and to organize them topically for easy access. Also included are some talks by other speakers hosted by his parishes.   The contents of this site were excerpted from a more comprehensive outline created as a syllabus for a course called Fullest Access: Catholicism That syllabus uses Dr. Peter Kreeft's book, Catholic Christianity, as its foundation, and then is fleshed out with Fr. Riccardo's talks and the works of select other writers and speakers.  While the Kreeft/Riccardo syllabus has not been revised for a few years and many of the links in it are older are out-of-date, for those who are interested in going deeper, studying Kreeft and Riccardo simultaneously is a fantastic introduction to the Catholic faith. 

Last updated on 1/12/20. Not all items after 2017 are fully integrated into topical outline. 



Fr. John Riccardo has been a priest of the Archdiocese of Detroit since 1996.  He studied philosophy at Sacred Heart Major Seminary in Detroit and theology at the Gregorian University in Rome, then received a Sacred License in Theology (STL) from The Pope John Paul II Institute for Studies on Marriage and the Family. He served as the pastor of St. Anastasia Catholic Church in Troy, MI, and Our Lady of Good Counsel in Plymouth, MI. He is currently the Executive Director of Acts XXIX   Hear his story in his own words: 

Riccardo.  Parish Mission 2010 Sunday  Personal testimony starts at 23:09

Riccardo.  Anything is Possible with Jack Krasula (Interview on WJR radio).  (March 2008)

Riccardo. A Voice for the Word Audio.  Video.  The Choices We Face TV program (April 2008) Interview of Fr. Riccardo.

Riccardo.  Funeral Homily for His Father, John J. Riccardo. VideoAudio. February 19, 2016. 

Riccardo.  Funeral Mass for His Mother, Thelma Riccardo.  Video. Audio. Audio. September 18, 2018. 

Fr. Riccardo's first book was published in 2016:  Heaven Starts Now. Becoming a Saint Day by Day


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Searching for Fr. Riccardo's talks on a particular topic

  • look at the table of contents on the talks page of this site
  • do a simple page search on the talks page of this site
  • use the search box at the top of any page on this site
  • use search box on the podcast site.   
  • subscribe to Fr. John Riccardo podcasts with iTunes, and then search there. 
  • use a search engine to search for “” and the name of a talk or other desired search terms.
  • Find show titles on  Relevant Radio's listing of Christ is the Answer episode .  Then search for the exact title on Google and look for search results that begin with "" or ""  

Where are Fr. Riccardo's talks online?


Some of the earlier talks are in mp3 format and can be heard online without downloading.  Most of the talks, however, are in m4a format and need to be downloaded. Many listeners access the talks through the iTunes store instead of through the podcast web site.  Further instructions can be found in the How to Listen guidelines on Fr. Riccardo's podcast site.


Links to handouts for talks have been included throughout the syllabus. Some of these links may be out of date as Fr. Riccardo's parish has updated its website.  Handouts for talks, resources, writings, and bibliographies can be found at


The only talks missing from this list are Fr. Riccardo's homilies.  Many of his homilies can be found by clicking the "homily "link on his podcast site. 

Christ is the Answer radio show

Most of Fr. Riccardo's talks have been recorded and produced by Ave Maria Radio for a radio show called Christ is the Answer.   Most of the talks listed in this syllabus and on the podcast site are also aired on the radio, but there are a few talks, not listed, that can only be heard as Christ is the Answer shows.  All of the Christ is the Answer shows are now available in the Ave Maria Radio audio archives.  You may listen to shows on many different Catholic radio stations on the radio or live streaming on the station's website. You may also listen at your convenience on the Ave Maria Radio app

A few stations where you can hear the show live online are:

Ave Maria Radio  (An affiliate of EWTN) 

Living Bread Radio (1060 AM, Canton, OH) 

St. Gabriel Radio (Columbus, OH) 

You can also purchase CD's of these talks at places like the Ave Maria Radio store.

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