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This was my Master's Dissertation, written in C++, compiled under Windows, and planned to be released for some unix (Sun OS) too.

Pici NMS stands for: Programmable Intranet Communication Interface - Network Messaging System. As the name says it's a protocol for communicating on the network, a kind of messaging middleware, where clients subscribe to different subjects, and others sent messages to different subjects.

There are three major components:

Daemon - is responsible of allocating resources to clients. Only one daemon can be in the network

Dispatcher - Responsible for sending the messages to the clients. On each host which takes part in the communication can be (but it's not reqd) a running Dispatcher.

Client - this is actually a library, must be added to your project. See the example folder on how the communication is going.

FYI: The sources for Release 0.34 were compiled using Visual Studio 6.0. Don't  try with something else...

[Developer Blogs]

[2006 Oct. 16]

Something that never happened before has just occurred. I have started refactoring the old-code (that I wrote some two years ago) and made it compilable with my current favorite DevEnv, (MS Visual C++ 2005 express) and re-designed the interface so that it does not publish all its ugly implementation details (Chelshire Cat :) ), some parts of the old code were entirely rewritten, some hidden bugs fixed (some bugs were introduced too :o ), and generally a "face-lift" was done to the entire product.


[2009 Feb]

I decided to revive this project and started looking for developers on the SF.net with the scope to come out with a new release, and to port to various other languages and operating systems. A new layer of security is planned, but it remains only in the planning phase for now till we have a much stabler codebase.

[2009 June 12]

Version 0.6 (alpha) released, windows package can be downloaded from sourceforge.net, still working to provide a linux package

[2012 June]

Till further notice continue this Project discontinued.


This software is release under the BSD license.

Sources (0.7)

Sources (TGZ)

Relase 0.6

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Release 0.34 


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