2007-2008 SABBATICAL 



Ellie Covan – Artistic Director, Dixon place, New York
Catherine Porter and Barry ROWELL– Artistic directors, peculiar works, new york
ginger miles – radio artist/writer, new york
Jill and sean hare – artistic directors, melodrama theatre, pinos altos, new mexico
john hawkes – actor/musician – los angeles
Brooklyn Gogl – visual artist – portland
kay braden – choreographer – boise
becky noble – singer/teacher – omaha
ana moore – writer – naples, florida
wendy taucher – artistic director, the yard, martha’s vineyard
Ken Webster – artistic director, subteranean theatre, austin
(the boise and austin trips weren’t able to be scheduled during this time.)



WHO:  jim
WHAT:  The “jim (I’m here to help) world tour of the lower 49” or “when did it become ‘the united states ‘is’ instead of ‘are?’”
WHERE:  you’re place
WHEN:  MAY oh seven through jan oh eight
WHY:  (see below)

o.k., I’ve got a sabbatical coming up.  That means they pay you to not teach for a period of time.  They say it’s to let us grow and reflect to better our teaching.  But, I think it’s more about separating us from each other before we have to revert to primitive fisticuffs.  Or worse.  Now, a lot of people travel, a lot of people go study somewhere, a lot of people just take a rest.  I’ve decided I’m going to spend this time helping friends who have helped me and who could maybe use some help themselves. 

We have all said, “when I’m rich I’ll use that money to help my friend’s develop their artistic work.”  But we’re all artists and we’ll probably never be the richest of americans.  So, in lieu of cash, what I decided I could do is take this paid leave to travel around the greater 49 and volunteer my time, free of charge.  All I’ll need is a place to crash and a time that might work for you to accept my help.

The plan:

            1.  I come to where you are for a short period of time

            2.  I help you (directing, composing, writing, typing [over 100 wpm], organizing, pet-sitting, plant watering, sweeping, dusting, [I do windows], simple carpentry, painting, gardening, accordion-playing, cooking, proof-reading, counseling, inspiration, etc., etc., etc…)

so what I need you to do is write me e mail me call me telepathically send waves to me cable me wire me ya get the drift, and let me know what time/times would be as good for you as it would be for me.