IN THE WEST was created in 1985 by a group of twenty actors/writers/directors in a workshop Conceived by Jim Fritzler, Conducted by Janelle Buchanan and Sidney Brammer and Produced by Big State Productions in Austin, Texas. Performed in Austin for over two years, then across Texas for ten more, IN THE WEST was invited to the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in 1991 as part of the Texas Festival of the Arts. IN THE WEST was adapted into the feature film DEEP IN THE HEART (OF TEXAS) in 1995, Directed by Stephen Purvis, Brazos Productions.

The workshop for IN THE WEST came as a reaction to Richard Avedon's ground-breaking photo exhibit IN THE AMERICAN WEST which premiered in Fort Worth, Texas in 1985. The intent was not to recreate the people shown in Avedon's photographs but to create Western characters from our own unique and individual viewpoints as Westerners. Although an author is named for each piece, we acknowledge the original performer's input to the text as well as that of all of the members of the company through the workshop process that continued throughout the run. 

  IN THE WEST was written by:
Written by:

Sidney Brammer
Janelle Buchanan
Joy Cunningham
Jeff Ellinger
Gene Fowler
Jim Fritzler
Amparo Garcia
Doris Hargrave
John Hawkes
Aralyn Hughes
Carmen Luna Labbe
Bill Leissner
Lorne Loganbill
Tim Mateer
C. K. McFarland
Diane Perella
Marco Perella
Rick Perkins
Lou Perry
Jo Carol Pierce
Joe Sears

© Copyright 1985 by the authors

In The West
Represented by:
Lorne Loganbill
Jim Fritzler
Gene Fowler