I'm planning on attending a few Spring Training games this year, and I don't want to be sitting there in the stands thinking, "Hmm, that minor-leaguer's name sorta sounds familiar, but I know nothing about him. Who the heck is he?"

So, I copied-and-pasted information from a few places on the Tigers' website -- in a very un-fancy way -- and threw it all into one document, which is five pages long. I plan on printing this out and taking it with me, but I suppose if you're more technologically advanced than I am, you could dial it up on your smarty-pants-phone anytime you like. It's basic, but it'll get the job done. Just download the PDF in the link at the bottom of the page, and you're all set.

Go Tigers!

Legal-talkin' part: I do not own any of this material. I got it from the Detroit Tigers official website, tigers.com, and just rearranged it a little because I thought it was handier this way. All rights and trademarks and legal ramifications and what-have-yous reserved by the Detroit Tigers, I suppose. Is that how you do a thing like this? I'm just a fan over here.
Feb 24, 2013, 1:26 PM