Fripp-Notes Services

Last updated to include October 2016 from Fripp Notes.
NOTE:  This site will no longer be updated.  Recommendations for services are now found on Nextdoor.  Link is

In-Home Services - Housekeepers, bakers, upholsterers, trash pickup, baby sitters, dog sitters, pest control, etc.
Repairs/Handyman - Around-the-house fixups
Contractor/Large Jobs - Decks, kitchen remodel, etc.
HVAC - Heating and air conditioning
Lawn/Landscaping/Trees - Keep your property looking good.

Vehicle Services - Golf carts, autos, boats
Transportation - To airports and elsewhere

TV and Computer - Discussion of various Internet, computer, and television services
Phone Service - What works where, new services
Computer Tips - Hacks, upgrade tips, etc.

Medical Services - Including home services
Professional and other Services - e.g., Architects, Financial

Restaurants - Recommendations
Churches - Recommendations
Where To/How To? - Donations, Drop-off, Pick-up, Flag folding, Animal hospital, jury duty, etc.

This site collects Fripp Notes recommendations for various services.  It begins with messages from all of 2012 and a few from before then.  I urge you to check the dates of the recommendations to see whether they are still relevant.  If you are aware of any services that no longer exist, please let me know and I will remove the references.
The categories above are broad, and the threads in them sometimes will overlap.  For example, you could look for a carpenter in Repairs/Handyman as well as Contractor/Large Jobs.  Use the Search box in the upper right part of this page.
For a period of time in the spring of 2014, not all posts contained emails or other identification of the poster.  In those cases, I have noted that the poster is unidentified.

Recommendations are highlighted in green.  "Bad experience" are highlighted in red.  Those with mixed feedback are in orange.  Contacts with no recommendation are shown in yellow.

I will update it on a regular basis. Your feedback is very welcome.
If you would like to have any of your posts removed from this site for any reason, just let me know.
Dave Moore