Native plants of Washington and the West

Propagating the finest selections of plant species native to Washington State and western North America.  Many are drought tolerant, suitable for the native plant or rock garden, and difficult to find. 
FALL 2017

Erigeron! Eriogonum! Penstemon! Keckiella! and many more!

The seedlings have done well this summer of 2017 and will be available Spring 2018.  There will be no official Fall sales.  Appointment only at this time.

Last update: 9/19/2017

Spring 2017:

Arctostaphylos columbiana -- hairy manzanita.  Evergreen shrub to 6 ft with gray-green foliage and red peeling bark.  Clusters of white/pale pink urn-shaped flowers in early spring.  Prefers poor, rocky soils and full sun.  Drought loving.  NW native WA, OR, CA 

Anemone drummondii -- Small alpine perennial with hairy divided leaves.  The simple flowers have white petals with a blue reverse.  Spring flowering and sometimes again in fall.  NW native  WA, BC, ID, OR, CA.

Aquilegia formosa-- western columbine.  Orange/red and yellow flowers on 2-3 ft stems.  Drought tolerant.  Sun to part shade.  Western US.  

Asarum marmoratum-- marbled ginger.  Heart-shaped leaves distinctly marbled on basal stems 3-4 inches tall... still tall enough to hide its reddish flowers.  A clump-forming species.  Part sun to shade.  OR.  Sold out.

Balsamorhiza deltoidea-- Balsamroot.  Large arrowhead-shaped basal leaves, 3-4 inch sunflowers, central taproot.  Parent plant seed-grown from Puget Sound prairie has cocoa scent.  Will grow to about a foot tall and a little more across.  Full sun.  WA native.
Sold out.

Campanula rotundifolia, Buckhorn White-- The common harebell but with white, flaring flowers.  Spreads by rhizome.  From a cutting of a plant growing in the Buckhorn Wilderness, Olympic Mtns.  Protect from slugs until well established.  WA.

Campanula rotundifolia  (blue)-- The typical form of the common harebell:  blue bell-like flowers sized for bumblebees.  Spreads by rhizome.  WA and beyond.  Sold out.

Dodecatheon dentatum-- white shooting stars.  Favors wetter sites.  WA, OR. Sold out.

Draba novolympica-- forms tight bun of fuzzy leaves topped with stemless yellow flowers in spring. Usually found in dry, rocky areas at high elevation.  Protect from winter rains.  WA and greater NW.

Dryas x suendermannii (hybrid between D. octopetela and D. drummondii).  Look-alike to D. hookeriana except foliage a bit bigger and exceptionally fast growing.  A true groundcover, runs over rocks, and pours over walls. Very easily grown.  Full sun.

Epipactis gigantea -- chatterbox orchid.  Reddish-brown flowers on 18 inch stems in summer.  Quick to form large clumps.  Like extra water.  Lake and stream sides across west.  NW native:  WA to east to the Rockies.  Easy. 

Erigeron compositus (small):  tiny white fleabane with deeply cut leaves, tight growth can form low, tight bun.  W NA

Erigeron compositus (medium):  small white fleabane with deeply cut leaves, laxer and taller than above & freer flowering and carefree.  W NA

Erigeron compositus (the giant):  huge white fleabane with deeply cut leaves.  Originally from a collection in OR.
Sold out.

Erigeron salishii-- very tiny fleabane.  This has blue/lavender flowers.  Grown from garden seed.  Native to Vancouver Island and remote peaks of the N Cascades, WA.

Epilobium rigidum-- Siskiyou willowherb.  Bluish/glaucous foliage, large pink flowers in summer.  Not rhizomatous.  Full sun.  Rare.  Siskiyou Mtns, OR.

Eriogonum ovalifolium var. nivale-- alpine buckwheat. White, felted leaves cover this cushion plant from the highest elevations.  Flower clusters of white/cream to red on short stems.  Easy in full sun and excellent drainage.  WA and W NA. Sold out.

Erysimum arenicola-- mountain sweets.  Yellow flowers of intense sweet fragrance on 3-8 inch stems.  Easy.  Olympic Mtns.

Heuchera cylindrica-- western alumroot.  Always green foliage no matter how hot and dry.  Leaves with rounded lobes, flowers cream.  WA and W NA.

Ivesia tweedyi-- tap-rooted oddity with ferny leaves and small yellow flowers.  Alpine.  Full sun.  WA, N ID.

Lewisia cotyldeon v. purdyi-- rosettes of smooth succulent leaves, multiple flowers on stems less than 12 inches.  Grown from seed collected on Fiddler Mtn, OR.  Expect petals to have prominent reddish central stripe.

Lewisia tweedyi-- fleshy spoon-shaped leaves 2-5 inches, large flowers in pastel shades in spring.  Native to the Wenatchee and Entiat mountains, WA.

Lilium pardalinum-- leopard lily.  Large spotted flowers with recurved petals red with orange tips on 3 ft stems.  Easy in richer garden soils.  Seed grown.  S OR, CA.

Lupinus lepidus--  Smaller lupine often found growing in shallow soils in the mountains.  Blue flowers.  Protect from winter wet but probably short lived anyway.  WA and W NA.

Mimulus aurantiacus var. grandiflorus-- Beautiful monkeyflower.  A drought tolerant shrub.  The large flowers are deeply notched, pastel peach in color, with spotted throats.  Cold hardy if well established.  CA.

Mimulus cardinalis-- red monkeyflower.  Large tubular flowers of red designed for the hummingbirds.  Likes extra water.  OR, CA.

Minuartia rubella-- this sandwort species has small white flower over a rounded green ball of foliage.  WA.

Minuartia obtusiloba-- this sandwort with small white flowers is a mat-forming species.  WA.

Penstemon attenuatus-- This upright species has blue or cream flowers.  WA

Penstemon cardwellii -- St. Helens penstemon.  A low shrubby penstemon with shiny evergreen leaves.  These grown from wild collected seed have lavender flowers.  8-10 inches tall.  Sun/part sun.  NW native:  WA, OR.  

Penstemon humilis-- tiny flowers but usually intense blue.  Like it hot, sunny, and dry.  WA.

Penstemon pumilus--  sky blue flowers.  ID.

Penstemon rupicola -- cliff penstemon.  Grows flat to ground or down over rocks, glaucous foliage.  Nearly stemless red-pink flowers in spring.  This is an old selection "Myrtle Hebert" which does not die back in the winter.  Full sun. NW native:  WA, OR. 

Penstemon rupicola-- source within the Columbia River Gorge. 

Petrophytum cinerascens -- Wenatchee rockmat.  Trailing shrub densely covered with glaucous leaves.  Many drooping panicles of tiny white flowers midsummer.  Full sun.  Washington endemic.

Potentilla [Dasiphora] fruticosa "Cascade Cushion" -- shrubby cinquefoil.  Yellow flowers over a long period in summer. Wide distribution around northern hemisphere.  Most offered in garden centers are selections from Europe that grow 3 ft tall.  This one selected by Rick Lupp from our Washington Cascades remains prostrate just like in its mountain habitat.  Deciduous. Full sun.  Native.   
Sold out.

Ribes lobbii-- spiny wild currant with hanging flowers.  BC, WA, OR, CA. 
Sold out.

Salvia spathacea -- hummingbird sage.  Large lime-green basal leaves with fruity fragrance.  Flower spike of rosy-pink tubular flowers on 2 ft spikes.  California native.  

Saxifraga bronchialis -- spotted saxifrage.  Evergreen, mat-forming perennial.  The petals of the white springtime flowers are dotted yellow/orange and purple/red.  Rocky subalpine and alpine slopes.  Sun.  NW native:  WA, BC, OR, MT to CO. 

Scutellaria angustifolia-- skullcap.  Vivid blue flowers appear in pairs along stem.  WA, OR.

Sedum valens-- a little sedum endemic to Idaho.

Tellima odorata -- fringe flower.  A woodland plant with white snowflake-like flowers on 2 ft stems in spring.  Fragrant.  Part shade.  NW native:  OR. 

Trillium kurabayashii-- a purple-flowered trillium.  Needs rich soil and cool site to prosper.  OR, CA. 
Sold out.

Triteleia hyacinthina-- an easy native bulb.  Umbels of white flowers on 10 inch stems.  WA, west.

2016 most selections [$6.84 + $0.66 tax] = $7.50.  2017 prices to be determined (some higher, some lower).

Fringe Nursery is a small grower of plants native to Washington, the Pacific Northwest, and the West Coast. Many species are will adapted to the alternating cold/wet and dry/warm weather cycles here. The species list will grow and change over time and season. Lewisia, Penstemon, Eriogonum, Keckiella, and more.  Thanks for visiting.

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