Native plants of Washington and the West

Propagating the finest selections of plant species native to Washington State and western North America.  Many are drought tolerant, suitable for the native plant or rock garden, and difficult to find. 

We will be open every Saturday in April from noon - 4 PM.  For other days and/or hours, contact us for an appointment by email

Below is a quick listing for this Spring. 
Full descriptions to be posted in the near future.

Last update: 3/13/2018

Spring 2018:

Allium cernuum
Anenome drummondii
Aquilegia formosa
Arctostaphylos columbiana
Balsamorhiza deltoidea
Campanula lasiocarpa
Campanula piperi 
Campanula rotundifolia Buckhorn White
Campanula scabrella
Chaenactis douglasii
Chlorogalum pomeridianum
Cirsium occidentale
Clarkia pulchella
Clematis lasiantha
Clematis occidentalis var dissecta
Dichelostemma congestum
Dichelostemma ida-maia
Dodecatheon dentatum
Dodecatheon pulchellum
Douglasia laevigata
Erigeron compositus The Giant
Erigeron aureus
Eriogonum flavum v. piperi
Eriogonum ovalifolium var. nivale
Eriogonum siskiyouense
Eriogonum strictum var. greenei
Eriophyllum lanatum
Erythronium revolutum
Keckiella cordifolia
Lewisia columbianum var. rupicola
Lewisia tweedyi
Lilium pardalinum
Lobelia laxiflora
Lonicera hispidula
Lupinus laxiflorus
Madia elegans
Mimulus aurantiacus var. grandiflorus
Mimulus cardinalis
Mimulus lewisii
Mimulus tilingii
Nothochelone nemerosa
Penstemon centranthifolius
Penstemon grinnellii var. scrophularoides
Penstemon heterophyllus var. heterophyllus
Penstemon parvulus
Physaria alpestris
Ribes lobbii
Ribes speciosum
Saxifraga bronchialis
Scutellaria angustifolia
Silene acaulis
Tellima odorata
Triteleia hyacinthina
Veratrum californicum
Zauschneria (Epilobium) canum

Most items $7.50 each, includes tax.

Fringe Nursery is a small grower of plants native to Washington, the Pacific Northwest, and the West Coast. Many species are will adapted to the alternating cold/wet and dry/warm weather cycles here. The species list will grow and change over time and season. Lewisia, Penstemon, Eriogonum, Keckiella, and more.  Thanks for visiting.

We are located in NE Seattle.  See the Contact page for directions.

Open dates in 2014 at the nursery
April 5, 2014  noon-4pm    Open for 2014!
April 12, 2014 noon-4pm
April 19, 2014  noon-4pm
April  26, 2014  noon-4pm
May 17th and 18th  noon-4pm   Native Plant Appreciation weekend.
October 4, 2014  noon-4pm
October 18, 2014  noon-4pm
Open dates in 2013 at the nursery:  
April 6-7 (Sat/Sun)  10-4    Lewisia tweedyi Days!
April 13 (Saturday) 10-4.  
April 20 (Saturday) 10-4.  
April 27-28 (Sat-Sun) 10-4.  Native Plant Appreciation Week
Open dates in May
May 12 (Sunday)  10-3   Mother's Day
June 1 (Saturday)  noon-4.   Summer Hiatus Sale!