Native plants of Washington and the West

Culturing the finest selections of plant species native to Washington State and western North America.  Many are drought tolerant, suitable for the native plant or rock garden, and difficult to obtain. 
Open Spring 2016 by appointment only.
Last update: 3/20/2016
This year we are mostly rebuilding stocks and improving some infrastructure.  Great new species are coming along but far too small to offer at this time.  New species that we have not offered before will include Epilobium rigidum (Siskiyou willow-herb), Sedum valens from the Salmon River region, Erigeron salishii from the North Cascades, Penstemon subserratus from the Columbia River Gorge, Penstemon attenuatus from the Entiat, Campanula scabrella from Nelson Ridge, and even Chlorogalum pomeridianum (Soap plant) from Tuolumne county, CA.  And many others.  Most will be ready Fall 2016 or Spring 2017.  A short list of mature stock forthcoming.  Contact by email for availability of others.  Thanks!  --Fringe Nursery 

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Most plants $6.85 + 0.65 tax = $7.50 ea.

Allium cernuum-- nodding onion.  Clusters of pink flowers nod on slender stems.  Very wide-spread species.  Seed source here Olympic Mtns, WA.  3 per pot.

Anemone deltoidea-- anemone-of-the-forest. Clear white flowers up to 2" across on 12 inch stems brighten the dark forest under story.  Spreads on weak rhizomes. WA, OR, CA.  Available May 2015.

Aquilegia formosa-- western columbine.  Nodding flowers with five orange spurs. Sun or part shade. WA, PNW SOLD OUT

Asarum marmoratum-- Siskiyou wild ginger.  Heart-shaped leaves that are naturally, variegated white or silver veins, cover the the stemless ruddy flowers.  SW OR/NW CA.    SOLD OUT

Campanula rotundifolia white--  Nodding white funnel flowers rather than the typical blue bells.  Started from cuttings taken from wild plant found growing in the Washington Olympics, Buckhorn Wilderness.  WA.

Clarkia pulchella--  elkhorns.  Pink flowers, unusual three-pronged petals.  Annual.  PNW.  Available May 2015.

Corydalis scouleri--  giant bleeding heart.  Fresh succulent stems to three feet appear each Spring.  Pink flowers.  Damp, shade.  BC, WA, OR.

Dicentra formosa var. oregana--  Siskiyou bleeding heart.  White flowers with pink highlight, almost silver foliage.  Sun, part sun.  SW OR/ NW CA.

Dicholestemma congestum--  ookow.  Long flowering stems to 2 ft topped by a cluster of purple-blue flowers.  Spreads by off sets.  WA, OR, CA.

Diplacus grandiflorus (aka Mimulus aurantiacus var. grandiflorus)-- one of the bush monkeyflowers.  Many funnel flowers, edges deeply notched, apricot color with spotted throats.  Summer flowers.  Full sun, well drained.  CA.  Available May 2015.

Dodecatheon pulchellum-- shooting stars. Nodding flowers with magenta petals swept back.  Spring ephemeral.  WA and the West.

Dryas "suendermannii" (D. octopetala x D. drummondii hybrid)--  flat, creeping shrub, evergreen leaves with scalloped edges, white petaled flowers.  Excellent ground cover.

Epipactis gigantea-- chatterbox orchid.  Brownish-red flowers with gaping mouths in early summer on 18 inch stems.  Moist garden soil.  WA and the West.

Erigeron compositus--  mountain daisy.  White flowers on 3" stems, foliage deeply lobed.  WA and West.

Eriogonum ovalifolium var. nivale-- Mountain buckwheat.  Dense domes of white felted  leaves. Balls of cream flowers age red.  From the highest habitable elevations.  Full sun, well drained.  Native to WA and the West.

Eriophyllum lanatum--  Woolly sunflower. Leaves softened with gray hairs.  Yellow flowers Spring and Summer.  Native to WA and PNW.

Erysimum arenicola-- mountain sweet.  From the high mountains. Clusters of yellow flowers on 6-10" stems.  Sweetly fragrant.  BC, WA, ORSOLD OUT

Erythronium revolutum--  fawn lily.  Pink nodding flowers, recurved petals, mottled leaves.  Spring flowers, summer dormant.  Cool, damp garden in part to full shade.  BC, WA, OR CA coast.

Geum triflorum-- prairie smoke.  Nodding red-pink flowers, usually three per stem, mature into fluffy seed heads.  WA and beyond.  Sun.

Heuchera chlorantha-- high alumroot.  Tall, erect flower stems to 3 ft topped by a small spike of cream flowers.  Woodland. BC, WA, OR.

Heuchera cylindrica-- eastside alumroot.  Short flowering stems 6-8 inches, leaves roundes and shallowly lobed.  Full sun, good drainage.  WA and PNW.

Heuchera micrantha-- alumroot.  Sprays of tiny white flowers on branched stems to 18 inches.  Open woods and rocky slopes.  BC, WA, OR, CA.

Keckiella antirrhinoides-- California snapdragon.  Fragrant, gaping yellow flowers with yellow tongues. Shrubs to 3 feet.  Sun, well drained. CA.  

Keckiella ternata--  hummingbird wand.  Slender penstemon relative with arching stems to 6 ft.  Many tubular orange-red flowers in summer.  Sun, well drained.  CA.

Lewisia columbiana v. columbiana-- succulent strap-like leaves, flowers petals white with pink veining.  Often found growing in full sun on a rock slab on the top of a mountain.  Full sun, well drained.  East Cascades.  Buy 2, get another 1 free.

Lewisia columbiana v. rupicola-- similar to the above but with neater foliage.  Smokey red flowers.  Full sun, well drained.  Saddle Mtn, OR.

Lewisia cotyledon-- from the Siskiyou Mountains of S Oregon/N California.  Typically whitish flowers with a prominent pink/magenta stripe.    Buy 2, get another 1 free.

Lewisia tweedyi-- king of the wildflowers.  Native to the Wenatchee Mountains.  Succulent spoon-shaped leaves to 6 inches, flowers to 2 inches across with satiny petals in shades of yellow, peach, and apricot.  These with a lot of red.

Lilium pardalinum-- panther lily.  Recurved petals are flame colored red and orange, spotted at throat.  Damp garden soil.  Sun but shade base of plant.  Will increase by offset.  2-3 ft tall.  OR, WA.

Lobelia laxiflora--  Gaping, red tubular flowers with amber throats.  Hummingbird favorite.  Summer flowering, dies back to ground with first frost.  S AZ. 

Lonicera ciliosa-- native honeysuckle.  Often found on the edge of woodlands where it is sunny and something for this vine to climb.  Seed grown plants that will probably be brick red in color.  Attractive to hummingbirds.  Spring.  WA and PNW.

Lonicera hispidula-- pink honeysuckle.  Vining shrub with tubular pink flowers.  Evergreen and can be used as a ground cover if it is not given anything to climb.  W WA and OR.  Sold out.

Lupinus latifolius--  mountain lupine of the subalpine, 1-2 ft, blue flowers.  BC, WA, OR, CA.  Seedlings.  Available May 2015.

Opuntia fragilis--prickly pear.  The cactus that grows in the San Juan Islands.  Yellow flowers in early summer.

Paeonia brownii-- wild peony.  Foliage glaucous and deeply lobed.  The flowers, fleshy green sepals and maroon petals, nod so much to nearly touch the ground.  Grows to 18 inches.  Seedlings only.  Open pine forests and open dry slopes.  E WA and PNW.  Sold out.

Penstemon fruticosus-- shrub penstemon 'Jump Off'.  Frequently found on the east side of the Cascades, often a foot high and several feet across.  This selection (from a cutting taken near Jump Off Lookout, Yakima County) is half the usual size.  Blue flowers.  Full sun, well drained.  WA.

Penstemon procerus-- small penstemon from the highest mountain zones. Clusters of blue flowers on short erect stems (variety tolmiei).  WA Cascades.

Penstemon rupicola-- cliff penstemon 'Myrtle Hebert'.  Flat growing shrub often spotted high on sheer cliffs. Pink-red flowers, glaucus leaves.  This clone is one of the few of this species that doesn't die back in winter.  Full sun, drainage.  WA, OR

Penstemon serrulatus--  low spreading penstemon, flowering stems 8-18 inches high with clusters of purple-blue flowers.  1-2 ft across in lean conditions and sprawling to 6 ft across in richer soils.  Common on the west side of the Cascades and easy.  Sun or part sun.  AK, BC, WA, OR.

Penstemon ovatus-- erect penstemon to 3 ft, large leaves, blue-purple flowers.  Open woodlands.  More tolerant of shade than others in the genus.  Western WA, OR.

Petrophytum cinerascens--  Chelan rockmat.  Mat forming evergreen, green leaves with blue-gray cast. Short dense spikes of tiny white flowers in Summer.  Occurs naturally only on remote cliffs above the Columbia River north of Wenatchee. 

Polystichum lemmonii-- Shasta fern.  Short upright fronds.  Naturally found only on serpentine rock in full sun.  Rare in cultivation.  BC, WA, OR, WA.  Sold out.

Saxifraga bronchialis-- spotted saxifrage.  Evergreen, moss-like foliage, small flowers are white and spotted yellow and pink.  Bright sun, good drainage.  Rarely cultivatedSOLD OUT

Scutellaria angustifolia-- skullcap.  Blue, tubular flowers with pursed lips open in pairs along each stem.  Quickly spreads by rhizome.  Full sun, well drained.  WA and PNW.

Sedum spathulifolium-- stonecrop.  Fleshy leaves, glaucus green with shades of pink and red.  Yellow flowers.  Sun to part shade.  BC, WA, OR, CA.

Tellima odorata-- fringe flower. White flowers with soft sweet fragrance, petals fringed.  The nursery's namesake.  Woodland.  Columbia River Gorge.  

Trillium kurabayashii--  purple toadshade.  Erect red-purple flowers, 3" tall, placed in the center of three marbled leaves.  Forms colonies.  Shade garden.  SW OR/ NW CA.

Zauschneria canum  (aka Epilobium canum)-- orange trumpet.  A profusion of orange trumpet-shaped flowers in late summer.  Great for hummingbirds.  Low growing, rhizomatous.  Great for steep slopes.  Full sun.  Easy.  OR, CA.  Available May 2015.

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Fringe Nursery is a small grower of plants native to Washington, the Pacific Northwest, and the West Coast. Many species are will adapted to the alternating cold/wet and dry/warm weather cycles here. The species list will grow and change over time and season. Lewisia, Penstemon, Eriogonum, Keckiella, and more.  Thanks for visiting.

We are located in NE Seattle.  See the Contact page for directions.

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