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Freebie Info - NOT a Scam ! Seriously. Proof Below ...

You CAN get legitimate freebies! This is NOT a joke and NEITHER it is a scam! It HAS been proven several times by major news networks, magazines, and online sites. Look below to see the proof and info on how you can get your Free iPod Video, Free iPod Nano, Free XBox 360 Premium, Free Playstation 3, Free PSP, Free Flatscreen, Free Camera, Free Cash, & more.

Freebie Guide / Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Check out this video compliation of news sources that reported this whole freebie ordeal is VERY REAL!!! Sites such as NBC Boston, G4 TechTV, Wired.com are all included...

Read on to more details of how exactly it all works! If you follow the info provided on my network of sites carefully, you WILL get whatever FREEBIE you want... GUARANTEED!!!

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Just 1 of the thousands of proof pictures (look below)Is this a scam?

Never was, and it will never be!

If you look through all the proof shown below and on the thousands of websites around the net, you will see the sites mentioned on this blog is 100% legit! I can give you such a guarantee, that I would even bet my life on it! Really! There is a really good logic to all this that makes it a win-win-win situation for everbody (yes, 3-way win: you, freebie company, sponsor). Read on...

Even BBC UK mentioned an article about this! Click here for a bigger pictureHow can they give a free stuff? C'mon, what's the catch?

No catch! Seriously. Wait, don't run away just yet, keep reading...

The way this works has been all well planned, and because of this one of these freebie companies, the original starter of this freebie world (called Gratis Internet aka. FreePay), has given away, at least, over 17,000 ipods (worth more than $5.35 Million). Read PDA Live! article about this.

That was WAY BACK in July 2005! At the time I'm writing this, it's now Jan 2006. With the release of the iPod Nano, then the iPod Video, they've now must've given over 30,000 totally free iPods, and growing strong everyday as they release new sites every couple of months when the latest gadgets comes out). This original freebie company has now given away, uptil today, over $16 million worth of freebies (Jan 2006). That's ONE company alone! Now, there are MANY MANY more freebie companies that spawned up since the success of this company's business! They're not all legit, but the sites I mentioned on my network of freebie sites are DEFINITELY legit, cause they're proven to be so. I've done tons of rsearch on these sites, and I GUARANTEE that you WILL get your freebie -whatever you want - if you DON'T scam the site!

If you go to the freebie company's website proof gallery (link in proof section below) you'll see hundreds of the pictures that were sent in. However, as you can see by the article - tens of thousands have got their totally FREE GIFT! Not only from this freebie company but the many other ones that exist on the net. Look at the links to your right for more available legit freebie sites (all of which work the same) and read on...

You see... the way it works is this... companies are willing to BRIBE their customers to TRY their products. If people signup for their products/services, some percentage of them would most definitely like the service/product and stay on. When a certain percentage of new customers stay on, the sponsors would have achieved their goal of PAYING for people to signup. This money is then pooled together in order for you to get YOUR freebie! Simple, isn't it?

This is a new strategy called "incentive viral marketing" - companies that pay people to try them out and let others know about them too! Cool, isn't it?

If you want to learn more, please talk to me LIVE (if I'm in the online status) by clicking the "support button" located at the top-right position on this page. Otherwise, POST A COMMENT!

FreePay freebies - the company that started it all!What's the logic behind this?

Here's a simple example of how these things work...

We'll take the common freebie everyone wants these days: a free iPod - nano or video!

1. You signup using the link at the bottom.
2. Get 5 friends/co-workers/relatives to signup (6 people in all)
2. Each of you'll do a simple, cheap offer - most are for under $10. I did a 30-day trial that ONLY costed me $1. Many free offers are also available - something as simple as signing up for eBay and placing a bid!
3. Each offer that you and your referrals do the advertiser/sponsor pays the freebie company a bounty between $30-90. That's right - it is THAT much! They REALLY, REALLY want you!

Let's say the average bounty/commission paid to the freebie company is $60:

6 ppl x $60 avg. per offer = $360 - the cost of an iPod PLUS extra profit for the freebie company

So, you see, it all works out for everyone! You get a Free Video iPod or a Free iPod Nano, the freebie company can make some profit on every signup it gets, and the advertiser can get potential customers. Everybody's happy (win-win-win situation)! But, I'm sure you will be most happy cause you got your gift for free, and can get many many more! :)

This sounds like an illegal pyramid scheme? Is it?

Oh, no - definitely NOT! As much as people would like to believe it upon first impression when they see these kinds of freebie sites ("no such thing as a free lunch", right?), these sites are DEFINITELY NOT an illegal pyramid scheme! (or else it would be so well known, it would shut down right away!). This is in fact a widely adopted, legitimate form of marketing called 'affiliate marketing'. It has been used for over a decade and makes up a large portion of the billion dollar online marketing industry. This concept has now been refactored to what people now call "incentive viral marketing" - companies that pay people to try them out and let others know about them too!

In a fraudulent pyramid scheme (like the picture above), people are recruited to make payments to others above them in a hierarchy while expecting to receive payments from people recruited below them. Freebie sites NEVER get any money directly from you or those you refer...nor do you recieve any money from those you refer or whoever referred you...EVER! Freebie sites get their money from the sponsor who pays them HUGE commissions for attracting new POTENTIAL customers...people like you! That's exactly why it ISN'T illegal!

Secondly, in the case of these freebie sites, all you have to do is get X people (where X depends on the value of the freebie - for eg, an iPod needs 5, PSP - 5, XBox 360 - 8, etc.) to sign up under you, do an "offer" (eg. signing up on eBay), and get credit for it... period! Your referrals DO NOT have to find their own referrals in order for YOU to get your freebie! They ONLY find referrals if they want a freebie of their own. This is a 1-tier system - not like a multi-tier illegal pyramid scheme.

FreePay - the king of all freebie sites!How do the companies make profit giving away freebies?

Great question! How CAN a company make profit while giving away free stuff? Well, there are many ways.. or else, they won't be currently in business! I don't know all their secrets, but here are some proven theories:

1. The company buy iPods (or other freebie products) in bulk for a very, VERY cheap cost. The wholesale costs are much lower than market costs, so they save tons of money in this way.

2. Every day THOUSANDS signup and HUNDREDS do an offer. This gives them an ongoing profit margin till someone "checks out" and gets their Free Video iPod or their Free iPod Nano.

For eg. 250 people do an offer x $60 average commission
= $15,000 profit for the company!!!

Till someone "cashes out" a near $300 iPod - the company has this money, and gets more and more everyday due to the continuous attraction of new members!

3. Many people try to scam the company and they get caught eventually! When they get caught, their account is put on hold indefinitely... meaning they will NEVER get the Free Video iPod or their Free iPod Nano! The extra money made by this person for doing his/her offer or getting referrals is an extra bonus for the company. (I'm sure you won't try to scam them ;))

4. Some people find it hard to get referrals so they find it hard to finish the site. However, I'm sure you know at least 5 ppl who are willing to try this out! (you know at least 5 people (professors/relatives/friends), right?) There's nothing to loose - just a Free Video iPod or Free iPod Nano to gain! If they're skeptical, point them to this site and let them see all the proof and explanation we have to show. We're also sure that anyone will be convinced after they see the information we have to provide.

5. Some people join the freebie site without using a referral link. When this happens the freebie company is VERY glad that when the new person does do an offer, they do not have to give credit to their referer (making them one step closer in getting thier freebie), and thus, they make more money for themselves. This usually happens to people who are new to this whole freebie world, but if you like the information and opportuntiy I've given you to get wonderful, expensive, freebies, please help me out and signup under me using the provided links to the freebie sites I pointed out too. I would DEFINITELY appreciate and welcome it... :)

Lastly, other than this, most freebie companies are smart and they do have a well planned business system. If you signup to any of the sites on the right, you can be rest assured they're TOTALLY LEGIT as there is LOTS of proof to show for it. If you can't find any, let me know (talk to me LIVE by clicking the support button on the top-right position, or post a comment), and I'll show you everything you need to address your questions and concerns!

Gratis Internet rating on INC 500 - the 18th fastest growing company!I want to see some cold, hard proof...

Check out the links to articles, videos, and pictures on this site! We got pictures, videos, and even articles from popular sites. Lots of it - thousands to be more precise! You cannot imagine how real all this is - pinch yourself - your DEFINITELY NOT dreaming!

Who can participate?

- Most sites are only available to folks from the United States. However, due to the great opportunity for sites to make money worldwide, more and more sites now also allow people from Canada, the UK, Germany, and Australia. As this freebie world continously expands, freebie companies are now branching out to other countries like India, France, Hong Kong, and more! Just checkout the sites (look to your right) and see their terms and conditions to which countries they allow. On some cases, if you contact the admin on "smaller" sites or if they have a "custom freebie" option, they will allow you to join if you just want cash (paypal)!

- You must be 18+ on most sites, but on some sites the age is as low as 13 years. Just check the freebie site's Terms of Service (TOS) to learn what the minimum age is set at, and DO NOT fraud your age at any cost!

Some basic rules to follow.
You MUST strictly abide by this or your account WILL be placed on hold...

- ONLY ONE person per household, per shipping address, per unique individual, per computer, per ISP/IP. This pertains to EACH freebie site. You can always join more than 1 freebie site. (look at the links to the right or below for more "proven legit" freebie sites)
- DO NOT use public networks (dorm rooms, library, etc.) to signup, login, and/or participate
- DO NOT enter any fake information - on the advertiser site and the freebie company's site.
- DO NOT use proxies to fake registerations. They know if you use a proxy because they have all the proxy lists and good fraud protection software!
- DO NOT do an "offer" (ie. signup at the same sponsor) more than once! Meaning, if you did offer "ABC" on site "XYZ.com", you cannot do the same "ABC" offer on site "JKL.com".


DO NOT SCAM - any traces or knowledge of a scam in progress or has been done, and "poof", you are banned! No way to say sorry. One and only chance, so DO IT RIGHT the first time!

That's it! Easy enough to follow ... Just remember, don't try to scam, and you'll get your Free Video iPod or a Free iPod Nano, or whatever other freebie ... guaranteed!

If you want to learn more, please talk to me LIVE (if I'm in the online status) by clicking the "support button" located at the top-right position on this page. Otherwise, POST A COMMENT!

How to get referrals?

It isn't too hard to find 5 people (more or less depending on the value of the freebie). Many even find more than 5, cause this deal is just that good to pass off!

Who can you get? They could be ANYONE (outside of your household) !!! You could get your friends, co-workers, relatives, (ex-)boyfriend/girlfriend, teacher/professor, etc. Surely, you know of at least 5 people who would want a Free Video iPod or a Free iPod Nano!

If they're skeptical, point them to this site, and trust me - any "open-minded" person WILL believe it when they see all the proof we got to show them!

Ok, I'm interested. What exactly do I have to do?

Great! Glad to see you wanna start getting freebies! Who wouldn't, right? There is nothing better in the world than getting great expensive stuff for free and proving to all the skeptics out there that you can actually get expensive free stuff! Make your friends jealous, and they'll want in - all the better for you to get your freebies faster as they can be your referrals! ;)

To get a Free Playstation 3 Pre-Order...


To get a Free XBox 360 Premium Bundle...

To get a Free iPod Video...


To get a Free Nintendo Wii


To get a Free Nintendo DS Lite


To get a Free Flatscreen LCD TV Monitor...


To get Free Money...

Go to: FREE £500 by Paypal

Lastly, if you need a freebie item and need to know which site you can find it on, please post a comment  and I will let you know. Remember, ALL freebie sites are NOT legit, but the ones mentioned on my sites are most DEFINITELY LEGIT! I've researched a LOT, and have LOTS of proof about them. If you disagree, post a comment, and I'll show you all the proof!

* Note: I mentioned how you can get a Free iPod Video  throughout this guide, but you can get several other freebies! Post a comment if you want something for free and want to know which freebie site can give you that. I'll point you towards a proven legit site, so that you DO NOT get scammed. DO NOT trust other sources for what they have to say! I've personally received thousands of dollars of freebies (I can show my proof pictures to you if you like), and I'm trying to HELP YOU do the same... or perhaps even better?

Freebie Proof - Just some of the tens of thousands

There are THOUSANDS, perhaps TENS of thousands, of proof available both online and offline that it is perfectly legitimate and legal to get expensive freebies like the ones mentioned on this network of freebie blogs! They exist in mediums such as in proof images sent by the people who got their freebie, featured videos of major news networks, newspapers, magazines, and other online sites and blogs... some of which I'll prove to you below.

The actual freebie such as a free iPod Video/Nano/Shuffle, PSP, XBox 360, Computers, Cash, Games, Cameras, Camcorders, Flatscreen LCD Monitors, TVs, etc. are just some of the popular freebies that thousands have received from these freebie companies - all worth well over at least $20 million to date (Jan 2006)! One company alone, called Gratis Internet/FreePay chipped in $16 million of freebies alone in it's awesome network of sites. Another company called Offer Centric has given away over $1.6 million. Yet another network known as Transcendent Innovations have given over $100,000 in freebies back when it was just October, 2005.

And there're not stopping there! Many new companies are arising, and the proven legit companies will continue to grow as they generate interest among people like me and you in giving freebies away! What are YOU waiting for? NOW is the perfect time to begin!

Take a look at just some of the proof found online. If you "Google", you'll be sure to find many more...


- http://www.phuzion.com/?p=free/ipod/proof
- http://www.nilayshah.com/fip.html
- http://www.freeipodguide.com/images/gallery/index.php
- http://www.mburney.com/ipod/
- http://www.server-strike.com/ipod.html
- http://stonetable.org/index.php?p=171
- http://aonic.net/~ipod/
- press release from the #1 freebie site (Gratis Internet): http://tinyurl.com/bfr7n


- TECH TV: http://www.freeipodsandflatscreens.com/proof/techtvipod.wmv
- TECH TV - Part 2: http://www.freeipodsandflatscreens.com/proof/techtvfollowup.wmv
- NBC: http://www.freeipodsandflatscreens.com/proof/ipodnbc.wmv
- BBC (video now offline): http://news.bbc.co.uk/
- Good Housekeeping: http://tinyurl.com/cbz28


- http://www1.whdh.com/features/articles/specialreport/DBM710/
- http://info.freepay.com/pressroom.html
- http://wired-vig.wired.com/news/mac/0,2125,64614,00.html
- http://www.free-ipods.info/index.php?scam
- http://www.freeipodsandflatscreens.com/
- http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/programmes/newsnight/3683524.stm
- http://www.freeipodguide.com/?ops=reasons
- http://ipodguide.azulinteractive.com/
- http://www.livejournal.com/users/micronix/414043.html
- http://sureav421.tripod.com/ipod.html


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