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Professor Irene Hanson Frieze has worked at the University of Pittsburgh since 1972. She was hired in Psychology and Women’s Studies to help develop the Women’s Studies Program.  She came from UCLA in Los Angeles, where she received all her university degrees. Today, her major research areas are IPV (Intimate Partner Violence), psychological factors in migration, and a cross-cultural study of changing work, family, and gender attitudes in Central and Eastern Europe and the United States. She is also working cross cultural projects in Japan, China, South Korea, and Oman. She works on several other topics too. (She finds that moving from one research area to another helps keep things more interesting.) One of her current major activities is being editor of the journal, Sex Roles: A Journal of Research. She also keeps busy with the University Senate at the University of Pittsburgh.
Contact Information:
  • Office: 3329 Sennott Square, Pittsburgh, PA 15260
  • Phone: 412-624-4336
  • Fax: 412-624-4428
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