Gluten Free Selection's

Phone in order (253) 203 - 6753

We take measures to prevent cross contamination. Such as grill zoning and separate fryer for cooking fries only.

 Because we still serve wheat products as well. There is a chance of some cross contamination.

Make a Meal: Add Fries or Salad & Regular drink $3.70


(includes mayonnaise, tomato, pickle, lettuce unless specified otherwise)

Gluten Free Friesenburger                  $10.50 (2-1/4lb burger, double cheddar cheese, egg, and bacon)

Gluten Free Mini Friesenburger            $8.64 (1/4lb burger, cheddar cheese, egg, and bacon)

Gluten Free Bison Friesenburger..                    $17.58 (2-1/4 lb Bison Burger, double cheddar cheese, egg and bacon) 

Gluten Free Mini Bison Friesenburger  $14.44(1/4 lb Bison Burger, cheddar cheese, egg and bacon)

                                                  Single         Double       Triple  

Gluten Free Hamburger                       $6.58           $8.13          $9.47  

Gluten Free Cheeseburger                  $6.99           $8.44          $9.98  

Gluten Free Bison Burger                     $11.83         $16.94        $21.38

Gluten Free Jalapeno & Pepper-jack   $6.58           $8.13

Gluten Free Cheesy Onion Burger       $6.17           $7.71 (w/mayo, ketchup and mustard only)

Gluten Free Grilled Chicken Burger     $8.74

Gluten Free Wild Alaskan Salmon        $9.77 (w/tartar, lettuce and tomato only)

 Jalapeños, Raw onions. free upon request

Cheese:  American, Swiss, Cheddar, Pepper-Jack,

Add: Mushrooms  0.75, Bacon  0.75, Egg  0.75, Extra Cheese 0.75, Grilled onions 0.75

Gluten Free Kid Burger                      $5.44 (bun-1/6 lb meat-bun) ketchup & mustard available  

Gluten Free Kid cheeseburger           $4.62 (bun-cheese-1/6 lb meat-bun) ketchup & mustard available  

 Hot Dog (Grilled)

Gluten Free 1/4lb not all beef Plain Dog   $5.55

Gluten Free 1/3lb all beef Plain Dog         $6.58

Sauerkraut, dill relish, sweet relish, or onions Free upon request

Gluten Free Kids 1/6 lb all beef Hot Dog          $4.10

Gluten Free Grilled Ham & Cheese                  $4.73

Gluten Free American Grilled Cheese              $5.45


                                     Kids                Reg

French Fries                        $ 1.43             $1.95


Green Salad                        $ 2.14              


Fountain Drinks       Kids $1.43        Reg. $1.95

Bottomless Iced Tea                                  $1.95 (when available)

Milk $1.43

Coffee or Hot Tea                                     $1.95

Bottled Fruit Drinks                                   $1.95

Bottled Water                $1.43

Canned Sodas              $1.43


*Items can be cooked to order, but undercooked meats, fish, eggs or seafood can increase your risk of food bourne illness.


Gluten Free Cheeseburger with Gluten Free Steak Fries
(All of our fries are gluten free)

Gluten Free Dbl Cheeseburger