Since 1972, the Friends have continued to support the library in a variety of ways.  It has been able to accomplish this through the efforts of a dedicated Board of Directors, generous members and wonderful volunteers. 

        The menu to the left will take the reader to the main pages.  This, of course, is the Welcome page.  The Board contains a current list of all officers and committee chairs.  Activities gives a description and overview of each of the friends activities and projects.  Those that require additional information have their own page that can be accessed via the express link in the menu, but viewers should check out the main description first.  Membership contains information and a link to a printable application.   The About page has a very brief overview of The Friends, its purpose, mission and history.

      **This web site is the only official site maintained by the Friends of the Westfield Library.  Information obtained from other internet sources may be out of date, incorrect, and/or misleading.