*      Provide leadership and resources for the restoration and preservation of the 

        environment of Wellers Bay.

*      Raise the funds and oversee the maintenance of the break wall and the dredging 

        of the channel.

*      Provide information to the public for the purposes of promoting and enhancing 

        the Wellers Bay environment.

*      Work with the City of Quinte West, Prince Edward County, Dept. of National Defense, 

        Canadian Wildlife Service and other organizations for the betterment of the Bay.

*      Work for the continued enjoyment of the Bay and its natural wonders.


         Official opening of the channel in 1989 by MPP Christine Stewart at Barcovan.

  1.  The Association:  

  1. The Association was formed in 1987 from the efforts of over 400 founding members. The concern was about the closure of the north channel of the bay by shifting sand. This resulted in loss of boat access, poor water quality, weed growth, and the creation of a marshy, stagnant body of water.

    In 1989 the break wall was built and the channel dredged for an initial cost of $320,000. Since then, further dredging has been carried out on almost an annual basis to maintain the channel.

    Bald Head island was used as a bombing range in the 1940's. Ongoing concerns are the removal of unexploded bombs by the Department of National Defense, to make the Bay safe.

  2. Showing the breakwall & the dredged channel.


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