The Importance of Preserving Historic Wellers Bay



                         Pictures showing before 1989 and after 2012 pictures of the channel

In the days when the canoe bateau was the mode of transport, Lake Kente as it was then known, was an important 

body of water for trappers and First Nation tribes.   An Indian trail, the Kente Portage, joining the 1 -1/4 mile isthmus between the Lake and the Bay of Quinte, was used by early explorers and settlers.


A mission was built in 1668 when Jesuits arrived from France, to serve the Cayuga village. The village moved in 1680 

and the area was then used by traders and early settlers.  The bay was renamed Wellers Bay shortly after Mr.Asa Weller, who ran the Inn tap house arrived in 1791.   


During the war of 1812, 2000 soldiers were stationed here. A block house was built in 1813 by provincial Dragoons, 

because of the importance of the location.   Consecon became an important port, where ships would come and dock  and load up with grain.


Today, the Kente Portage Road is the oldest road in continuous use in Ontario, and some of the houses still line the road. (The Weller house, the Tap house, the former St John's Anglican Church.)

In the 1940's, the Department of National Defense used Bald Head island as a bombing range.  Around 1967, 

was declared surplus and transferred to the Wildlife Service to be used as a waterfowl habitat.   
Now, "no public access signs" are posted on the shore because of the possibility of unexploded ordinance.   
Any possibility of archeological or historical findings have been annihilated by dynamiting.
The Association has lobbied the government to have these bombs removed.  (see the UXO website on our link contact page)


 By 1986, the Bay was becoming land-locked due to the shifting sands and the effects of hurricane Hazel in the 50's. 

 The north access was scant a foot deep and impossible for boats to access Lake Ontario from Wellers Bay. 
 The  Bay became weedy with poor water quality, and the bay was dying.     
After much fundraising, with the dredging in 1989, the Bay was revitalized. Fish stocks returned, the water quality improved, and the weeds were not as prevalent.  Resorts, marinas , homes and cottagers enjoy a new lease on business, and recreation.


The Friends of Wellers Bay Association work towards maintaining the health of the Bay with your help.  Your membership to our organization and donations make it possible to continue this endeavour.

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