Our Progress from June 2009

The Group held our annual community Family Fun Day event in the park which was very well attended on June 6th  09 and made a few hundred pounds profit to go towards park improvements.  The Opprtunity was taken to hand out promotional leaflets for the Group as well as a questionnaire which elicited useful information from park users. In August we planted prickly evergreens in three containers on the paved area by the tennis courts, paid for out of Friends Group funds. We were pleased to be successful in retaining the park’s Green Flag status for 2009-10. During the year our Friends have removed graffiti from signs and bins, also picked up bottles and broken glass and have unlocked barriers and tennis courts when Security failed to do so. In December we hosted music and stalls for Upminster traders Christmas late night shopping by the park. In March this year we swept leaves which had accumulated and become wet and slippery and were beyond the reach of the park’s sweeper. We also planted evergreen plants at the Brookdale entrance to the park. We have ordered a tree, in memory of our first secretary Dr John Anthony, which will be planted in the autumn and placed by the refreshment kiosk. We have successfully applied for Grassroots funding for four cradle swings in the children’s play area which we are currently waiting to be installed and have applied for further funding from Cleanaway which if successful will enable installation of a multi- play unit for toddlers. We previously petitioned parents of toddlers and had an overwhelming response in support of these projects. We held our third Fun day on 19th June 10.  The  Park gained another Green Flag for 2010-11. We have approached the Council for permission to raise funds to purchase the Old Windmill hall site.
July 22nd
We now have the cradle swings which were funded by Grass roots, and the resighting of the rockers project completed. We were successful with our funding from Veolia  (Cleanaway) and we have ordered the multi play unit for toddlers, the installation of which should be 6 to 8 weeks time.
November 20th
Multi play unit is in place and is being well used the grass beneath the safety mats is growing well. We would like to give thanks to Veolia ES (Cleanaway) and Grassroots for their funding towards the new equipment in the play area.
Hundreds of spring bulbs have been planted along the inside of the front of the Park. These were planted by a Dutch firm and paid for by L.B.H. Parks dept. 
We are grateful to Waitrose and their Community Affairs scheme for £267 which will go towards our project OUTDOOR TABLE TENNIS.
The Ash (Augusflora) has now been planted in memory of Dr. John Anthony. 
 April 2011
We are seeking funding for two outdoor table tennis tables which will be placed at the side of the Kiosk
June 10th
Pupils from Corbets tey School made four Bat boxes for the park we met with the pupils who were delighted to see their boxes placed in two Oak trees at the back of the park by Council tree surgeons.
June 18th
Despite the windy weather we had a successful Community Fun day lots of compliments from people who attended, a strong community spirit was felt and that was our aim.
July/ August
Many Bats were seen swooping along the hedgerow near to where the Bat boxes were placed
We have maintained our Green flag status, the new flag will be raised 11th November 11.15am
We are making plans for next year's Fun Day. We are currently applying for funding.
Our application to Veolia for funding of two outdoor table tennis tables will be submitted in December.
We are exploring the idea of having a Petanque court in the Park.
MARCH 2012
Friends arranged for paving slabs to be placed at the entrances to the courts. These entrances because of use were very muddy after rain. The slabs have reduced the risk of slipping.
The old Lavender bed has been redesigned. The bed has been levelled and replanted with a tree in  the middle
Monies donated by the Upminster  Residents Assc. Social helped to buy a lot of the plants. it has been renamed. Queens Diamond Jubilee bed 
We have now secured funding from Veolia Trust. Work will start beginning of July installing the tables.
We have applied for funding to the Big lottery for two Springies for the play area.
We had a very successful Fun day 19th May
The two Springies a Camel and a Donkey have been installed in the play area, they have high backs to help children with physical disabilties. Funding arranged by the Friends from the Big Lottery 
Ground has been prepared with artificial grass by the company Lazy Lawn. Tables will arrive within the next two weeks.
Table tennis tables have been installed, they are green to blend in with the park and placed on artificial grass. Funding arranged by the Friends with Veolia Thames Trusts.
The Green Gym is now complete all of the pieces have been replaced with new.
A springie donated by the Lucas foundation was placed in the play area this is for children needing more support.
We have planted dwarf  daffodil bulbs around the Oak trees along the straight path from Brookdale to the tennis courts
APRIL 2013
At last the daffodils have bloomed around the Oak trees, it has been a long winter.
The bench is still not in place because of an error by Highways they laid the wrong sized base, so we have to wait for it to be dug up and relaid.
The Old English Oak has been felled some of the trunk remains so as to give climbing play to children.
The bench which we were successful in getting funding for is now situated in the play area.
We had another very successful Fun day a good time was had by all and the weather was kind. Churches Together gave a free barbeque, and refreshments. Waitrose donated burghers and sausages and donated to the Friends the proceeds from the sale of strawberries and cream.
Matt Ingram from Hornchurch Police and a team of Cadets  kindly gave of their time to paint the railings surrounding the play area.
They worked tirelessly for two days, which were two of the hottest days this year. Unfortunately they did not finish the painting in their allotted time given to Upminster park.  The rest of the painting will be finished in due course.
Waitrose volunteered to finish the painting they painted for a day but due to a problem with the paint they were not  able to finish hopefully they will be able to spend time next Spring.
We have ordered and paid for, three benches for people to sit whilst watching;  tennis being played, children playing in the ball court or for resting
We have organised and paid for, the refurbishment of the bark surround in the play area this was carried out by one of our "Friends"
Benches by the tennis courts have been installed and are being well used
MARCH 2014
We have purhased four trees which have now been planted in the Jubillee area adjacent to the swing park
Park bench has been installed in the play area.
June 7th
Annual Fun day took place Weather was kind and the event was well attended
We were awarded a Silver Gilt award from London in Bloom Parks catergory
Green Flag for 2014/15 was raised by Melvin Wallace Lead Cllr for Culture and Leisure
Three dedicated trees have been planted. Two near the old felled Oak and one near the Pavilion. The park now has its quota for dedicated trees.
January 2015
This is our tenth year of our Friends Group
We are arranging this years Fun day which is Saturday the 9th May 
£30,000 has been put aside  for us by Parks for play equipment. Discussions are going on to decide what to have. Hopefully what is decided will be up and running by the spring.
Japanese Knotweed is still a problem we are addressing this.
A successful Fun day on the 9th raising nearly £1,500 to be spent in the park
Play equipment has been installed, it comprises of new swings with a bar on a sqadrangle  support,  a new slide, a row of swings including a bucket swing.
Old equipment has been painted and the railngs are now fully painted 
Council want to dismantle the two decontamination sheds £50,000 has been put aside for the project. Public are being asked for ideas for what they could be used for. Sheds are left from the 2nd World war and are of significant historic value.
We walked the park with theJudge from London parks in bloom. The Judge was impressed with the wild flower area
Park was awarded the Siver Gilt award again this year. Well done to all concerned.
Problem with Bind weed G.M. are dealing with it very time consuming