Lean to the Left to Correct the Right

There are two sides to everything, and it is imperative to listen, then process, then opine. Otherwise our views are myopic. Share thoughts with care rather than as cannon fodder.

There is a place in our mind where we know we are taking a leap of faith. To not leap would be a bore.

It's never too early to slip out of the rat race and get to the garden

$10,000 Cabin

A few friends and a dry month could produce a home with no debt burden

Sleeping Hut

For those not fortunate enough to compete for wealth

Screened Porch

An extra room to double one's space

What is important for living with purpose or as Einstein says "value"? Is it working a garden space that produces more than you can handle? Is it a dry spot where we can create and take refuge from the weather? Is it community that believes in you? Is it decoupling from taxes? What can we do, as individuals, to relax and reduce our burden on the environment? Can we move our goods to market by wagon? Can we stop a system based/bent on economic growth? There is a place for us in between the competition and cooperation that humans embrace, and if we lean a little to the left we can correct the right, and cooperate!!