Why I support the Quaker Trace Trail...

People of all ages are paying more attention to quality of life in choosing where to live.  Walking and biking trails are an important element of this. Throughout the country, communities are building new trails and connecting existing trails.  To ensure its future, Elkhart County must be competitive in quality of life issues.  Our individual cities and towns are rapidly improving their downtown areas.  To maximize our overall attractiveness, we need the increased connectivity that the Quaker Trace Trail will provide.

- Steve Braden

As I research other communities and learn about what makes them be the places where people want to live, I see the common theme of at least 35 miles of connected trails. Trails offer safe and healthy living. As communities continue to focus on building the recreational, walkable and bikeable communities that millennials and seniors want today, trails are simply required. These trails need to broadly connect and engage our residential, commercial and natural assets.

The Quaker Trace Trail is essential for creating a continuous loop which surrounds and provides access to our County's greatest experiences -- the recreation, history, arts and culture of Middlebury, Goshen, Elkhart and their surrounding areas. As significant investments are being made to improve these destinations, this trail creates a valuable asset that will be aggressively promoted -- as it supports the proven trends that people are choosing to live where there are viable, alternative transportation corridors.

- Shelley Moore

I believe trails for running, biking and walking are an important part of our community.  Parks and trails allow us the space to refresh both our body and soul.  They are the kinds of places we connect with nature and neighbors. 

- Pete McCown

The Quaker Trace Trail will be an extension of the biking trail system that is connecting communities throughout Elkhart county, and deserves public support at all levels.   Extensive biking trails are "quality of place and quality of life" assets that are important for our community's connectivity and vitality.  They help make Elkhart county the kind of place families want to live and work.

- Bob Deputy

The extension of The Quaker Trace Trail not only provides an enhanced amenity to our neighborhood, but will also give us, as a community, safer and easily accessible possibilities to engage in a healthier lifestyle. It can only help enhance property values of homes and neighborhoods near the trail.

- Staci Anagnos

I've lived in Elkhart County for 21 years and over time I've seen a lot of positive changes happen in the county. The Quaker Trace Trail is another step in the right direction to make our community, "our home" the best it can be! I applaud those who are working diligently to make the Quaker Trace Trail a reality.

- Nanci Wirt

Parks and trails are an investment in our economy to attract the talent needed to retain our thriving business community, and to promote as a visitor attraction. Quaker Trace provides connectivity to our Elkhart County network of trails and vibrant communities. Projects such as Quaker Trace are cues that our county understands the value of quality of place assets that people, who live and work here, expect to find.

- Diana Lawson

The Quaker Trace Path is destined to become one Elkhart Counties most cherished amenities by connecting residents with one-another and popular destinations, while showcasing the scenic beauty of the area.

David Foutz