Where do things stand currently?
Building a multi-use trail like the QTT is a lengthy and complex project.  It is helpful to think of the Quaker Trace Trail in sections:

  • The marked bike route begins in downtown Elkhart and runs  east along Greenleaf Blvd. The first section of the dedicated trail begins on E. Bristol St. in Elkhart at County Road 15, goes through a tunnel under County Road 17, and runs on the south side of the road to Echo Lane. 

  • The second section, 2.7 miles, will run along County Road 8 from Echo Drive east to Turtle Dr. near Bristol. The initial design proposal was deemed too burdensome on landowners, so the County Commissioners directed the Lochmueller Group to prepare 3  additional options. After receiving public input, Commissioners decided to put the path on the north side of CR 8 with curb, gutter and new storm inlets on the north side of the road only.  The proposal includes:

    • A 4.5' separation between the back of the curb and the path
    • A reduced speed limit on CR8 from 45 to 35 miles per hour
    • Reconstruction of 3,400' of CR8 (24%) to correct deficiencies and improve road safety
    • Reduced lane widths from 12' to 11'
    • Resurfacing of CR8 in the project area

The next step is to have actual design work done for this section. On December 18, the Commissioners formally approved the proposal and asked the County Redevelopment Commission (RDC) to help fund the design costs from Tax Increment Fund (TIF) funds.  Earlier this year, the RDC voted to spend $468,000 from TIF funds on right of way acquisition, money that has not been touched yet.  Additional design funding will probably be necessary from the County Commissioners. 

  • The third section will go through the Town of Bristol.  The exact route has not yet been determined.

  • The fourth and future sections will take the Trail along County Road 8 southeast to Middlebury.  The exact route has not yet been determined.