Where do things stand currently?
A portion of the QTT is already completed on the east side of Elkhart, following E. Bristol St. east from CR. 15 to Echo Lane. This includes a tunnel under C.R. 17 at the Six Span Bridge. The path is scheduled to be extended west from C.R. 15 to Walker Park when E. Bristol St. is widened in the next few years.

The balance of the QTT path will be constructed over the course of several years, probably in segments of 1-4 miles. The order in which these segments will be built, and the exact route they will follow, has not yet been determined. Although CR 8 from Elkhart to Middlebury is currently marked as the QTT, some segments of the path may not follow that road. The County has done some preliminary concept work on various options between Elkhart and Bristol, but, as of fall, 2019, no final decision has been made.

The priority given to building the QTT by governmental entities will depend largely on how much public support is shown. Joining the Friends of the QTT and responding to its requests is an excellent way to demonstrate your support for the trail.