Friends of the Kelly Rink and Friends of the Cass Rink agreed to work together to bring skating back to Jamaica Plain and Roxbury. 



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The Friends of Kelly Rink (FOKR) was formed in 1997 when the State of Massachusetts broke a promise to maintain ice skating on the Jamaica Way and tore down the original Kelly Rink. With this great loss, a group of community members organized public meetings and demonstrations to convince the State of Massachusetts to restore skating to JP. In response to community pressure, the MDC (Metropolitan District Commission, now called the Department of Conservation and Recreation or DCR) built the current outdoor Kelly Rink on Marbury Terrace in Jamaica Plain, behind the Stony Brook T-station.

This rink was designed as a temporary facility to last 5 years. That was back in 1999. In December 2007 we will begin the ninth season at the temporary facility.