Friends of the Fair, Inc.
Clermont County, Ohio    
What's Going On Now?

We need a new project!

With the horse barn finished it is time to look ahead to our next project. We are currently asking for YOUR help in deciding what that project should be. Please email ideas to us at OR bring your ideas to our next meeting!

Everyone Wants a Golf Cart

We are proud to announce that the golf cart was auctioned off at the Spring Benefit! Thank you for participating and PLEASE stand by for our next raffle.

Spring Benefit
Our Spring Benefit was a HUGE success this year thank you for making it happen!
Pork Booth
Our next fund raiser will be the pork tenderloin booth at the fair! We will again be serving our delicous sandwiches along with amazing sweet tea and of course other beverage options. Please contact Jodi Lee about lending a hand. Thank you for all the help and support!