This was our first project and started in 2006 when the therapists and the nursing sister at the school explained to us how little time the children at Tembaletu spent outside.  Most of the pupils that attend Tembaletu school live in informal settlements in the townships around Cape Town and have no opportunity or safe space to play outdoors at home. It was felt that it would be wonderful to have a play-ground where the pupils could learn some basic educational concepts through facilitated gross motor play and experience the exercise and movement that enhances their ability to learn. Not only would it be lots of fun but they would also be exposed to the sunshine and Vitamin D which many lacked nutritionally

 The playground, before work started

It was decided to use an area outside the Foundation phase classrooms which was already contained and the idea was to make a safe, accessible playground with lots of activities which could be adapted in some way for all the different abilities of the children at Tembaletu.

First we put up an adapted jungle gym and some swings.

Jungle Jim

Then we dug out an existing, overgrown sandpit and added a shady shelter over it. 
Paved pathways

Added some paved pathways in between the different activities that would be accessible to

wheelchairs and buggies as well as for children using crutches. 

Paved pathways
Paved pathways

Encouraged some volunteers from a more affluent high school in Cape Town to come and help compost the area and plant some trees!

Planting treesPlanting trees

Volunteers from the Frank Joubert Art school in Cape Town helped us paint a beautiful mural on the perimeter wall. 

Painting the muralPainting the mural

Mural painting

We added a Wendy house . . . Then some rocking zebras!

Wendy houseInstalling a Rocking Zebra


And voilà, we were ready to roll . . .

Ready to roll!   Ready to roll!

Ready to roll!

Now, for many years to come, the children of Tembaletu can enjoy this jewel of a playground thanks to the wonderful donations made to Friends of Tembaletu.

Sitting on a wall and playing

How many can fit on a swing-seat?

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Painting the mural

Playing together in the shaded sandpit


Wendy house

The shaded sandpit area

The swings area

Playing in the shaded sandpit area

Imagine climbing through these tyres without the use of your legs

Digging in the sandpit

Rocking on a zebra

Playing on the Jungle Gym

Climbing on the Jungle Gym