Video Testimonials

Garlan and Sylvia Yoder, Buckhorn Inn

Tom Johnson, Great Eastern Trail Association


Norris Campbell, Coon Hunter


Dr. Dan Downey


Betty Gatewood

Deb Sensabaugh of Va. Back Country Horsemen

Sole Source co-owner Dave Burns

Chris Bolgiano at High Knob Tower

Thomas Jenkins of Shenandoah Bicycle Co.


Dr. Jim Murray Discusses Hunting in Little River


Billy Flint on Salamanders


Garlan and Sylvia Yoder, Buckhorn Inn

Garlan and Sylvia Yoder, owners of the Buckhorn Inn, talk about their historic 200-year old bed and breakfast. Garlan voices support for the Shenandoah Mountain Proposal. 

Tom Johnson

Tom Johnson talks about the history and status of the Great Eastern Trail with particuar reference to the Carr Mountain segment which is under construction and Shenandoah Mountain, his favorite section.

Norris Campbell talks about coon hunting in the George Washington National Forest with black and tan hounds and tells a coon story.


JMU Chemistry Professor Dan Downey conducts fieldwork with his research group at Hone Quarry Lake and talks about water quality on Shenandoah Mountain. He is accompanied by Dr. Daniel Lundberg from Gallaudet University.



Betty Gatewood, watercolorist and science teacher, talks about observing and documenting native plants on Shenandoah Mountain.




Deb Sensabaugh, Chair of Virginia Back Country Horsemen of America and also Chair of Golden Horseshoe Back Country Horsemen, talks about Wilderness and trail maintenance.

Dave Burns, co-owner of Sole Source in Harrisonburg, talks about the economic benefits of a Shenandoah Mountain National Scenic Area.

Environmental writer Chris Bolgiano talks about the history and ecology of Shenandoah Mountain at High Knob Fire Tower.



Thomas Jenkins, co-owner of Shenandoah Bicycle Co. in Harrisonburg, VA, gives a business owner's perspective on the Shenandoah Mountain Proposal.


Biologist Dr. Jim Murray discusses his love of the outdoors and hunting near Little River, a proposed wilderness area in Augusta Co.

Salamander ecologist Billy Flint discusses salamander diversity on Shenandoah Mountain and takes us on a field trip.