Lynn Hollow

Proposed Wilderness

Where: Highland County, west of Ramseys Draft Wilderness in the North River Ranger District of the George Washington National Forest
Size: 6,168 acres 
Boundaries: Lynn Hollow Wilderness Proposal was originally part of the Ramseys Draft Wilderness proposal. It lies on the western flank of Shenandoah Mountain and encompasses Freezeland Hollow, Lynn Hollow, Hoover Hollow, and Sinclair Hollow. Sinclair Hollow Trail lies within the proposed Wilderness boundary. Puffenbarger Pond and its access road are outside the Wilderness boundary.
The western Ramseys Draft Wilderness boundary is the ridgeline of Shenandoah Mountain. As the Shenandoah Mountain Trail weaves east and west of the ridgeline, it goes in and out of Ramseys Draft Wilderness fourteen times in five miles. We ask that a boundary adjustment be made that would make Shenandoah Mountain Trail the Ramseys Draft Wilderness boundary rather than the ridgeline. The trail would be a more definable boundary, and it would result in a slight increase of 20 acres for Ramseys Draft Wilderness. The Lynn Hollow Wilderness could then be a separate Wilderness area west of the Shenandoah Mountain Trail. Shenandoah Mountain Trail is a critical segment of the Great Eastern Trail, which is intended to be a shared use trail. With a boundary adjustment, the SMT would lie outside both Wilderness areas and could serve as a shared use trail.
This proposed Wilderness area will not affect any access roads.

Note:  The GWNF Forest Stakeholders Consensus Agreement submitted to the GWNF Planning Team on Oct. 17, 2011, supports the Lynn Hollow Wilderness with an adjustment to the boundary.  The area from Sinclair Hollow Trail northeast to Shenandoah Mountain Trail would be a part of the proposed Shenandoah Mountain National Scenic Area rather than Lynn Hollow Wilderness.  This would allow access to Sinclair Hollow Trail by appropriate nonmotorized vehicles, such as game carts and mountain bikes.  The adjusted acreage of the proposed Lynn Hollow Wilderness is 3,359 acres.
Notable Characteristics:
  • Around 250 bird species
  • Exceptional habitat for black bear
  • Spectacular views to the west into Highland County and West Virginia
  • When viewed in conjunction wtih Ramseys Draft, would help create a logical large wilderness area separated only by Shenandoah Mountain Trail
Economic impact: This area is not being managed for timber; Wilderness designation will not result in any loss of revenue or taxes for Highland County.