Bald Ridge Addition

Proposed Wilderness Addition

Bald Ridge Addition would expand Ramseys Draft Wilderness. This area was part of the original Ramseys Draft Wildernes Proposal.
Where: Augusta County, North River Ranger District, George Washington National Forest
Size: 6,550 acres
Boundaries: The Bald Ridge area would be an addition to the eastern and northern side of Ramseys Draft Wilderness that extends to the outer flanks of Bald Ridge down to 2,600 ft in elevation and encompasses Dividing Ridge and Springhouse Ridge all the way north to the Shenandoah Mountain Trail. This area was all part of the original Ramseys Draft Wilderness proposal.
This proposal lies within boundaries formed by Bridge Hollow Trail, following a 2,600 ft contour to and along FR 95 to the Shenandoah Mountain Trail, but set back enough from the road to allow for family car camping along the North River, as well as construction of a new trail that would connect trails in the North River headwaters area to Braley Pond area and Bridge Hollow Trail.
The Dividing Ridge Trail and Springhouse Ridge Trail would both be within the proposed Wilderness area and would therefore not be open to mountain biking. Both trails, however, are very steep and currently serve as deadends to bikers when they reach the Ramseys Draft Wilderness boundary. For this reason they are not currently used much. New connector trails would enhance the recreational value of the trail network and would provide for more loop opportunities. Adding this outer flank of Bald Ridge to Ramseys Draft Wilderness will make a Wilderness of substantial size.
This proposal will not affect any access roads.
Economic Effects:
This area is not being managed for timber; Wilderness designation will not result in any loss of revenue or taxes for Augusta County.
 Pond at junction of Dividing Ridge Trail and Bald Ridge Trail
Notable Characteristics:
  • Around 250 bird species
  • Challenging trails for hiking and backpacking
  • Excellent bear habitat
  • Exceptional scenery
  • Easily accessible from Braley Pond Picnic Area
  • Popular area for hunting