what we do

    • Friends of Sauble Beach (FSB), organized in 2000, is a nonprofit group of volunteers. Volunteers who use their talents, time and energy to ensure that the natural environment of Sauble Beach is conserved and enhanced so that people of all ages and physical ability can enjoy the wonderful sunsets, sand and water of the beach. FSB was granted incorporation status in February of 2002.
      • Friends of Sauble's activities focus on three & half miles of beach and dunes between Lakeshore Blvd and the edge of Lake Huron from Main Street north to the Sauble River.
      • FSB is an advocate for the conservation of the beach and dunes. As a demonstration of our commitment the group has undertaken a variety of projects and raised $300,000 towards them over its 15 year history to conserve this natural resource.
      • We create and promote a variety of informed, and supportive written material and seminars to help a better understandings of the various facets that comprise the dunes and beach.
      • All of our projects whether big or small have relied on the support of our members , community partners, fulltime and seasonal residents and visitors.
      • What we do:
beach management
beach process seminars
Dedicate a Bench
Spring Cleanup