Become a member of Friends of Sauble Beach for $20/year or renew your membership here: 


All are welcome at our Membership Meetings held the 2nd Saturday of each month (May to September)
at 9:00 a.m. in the Sauble Beach Community Centre or the Amabel Sauble Community School, depending on availability. 
Meeting dates could change, depending on circumstance, at the call of the chair and executive.
Our Annual General Meeting
 is held the 2nd Saturday of September
at 9:00 a.m

  • Being a member of Friends of Sauble Beach (FSB) is being part of an exciting project!
  • In 2004 FSB commissioned the Lake Huron Centre for Coastal Conservation to prepare our first Beach Management Plan.
  • In 2007 a second plan addressed the remainder of the beach North to the Sauble river. These two plans are the blueprints which FSB uses to carry out the conservation of the beach shoreline.
  • Membership is open to all persons interested in the conservation of the dune eco system at Sauble Beach.
  • Members actively promote respect for the fragile environment of Sauble Beach which includes several kilometres of glorious sand beach, the dunes and the Lake Huron waters.
  • FSB believes that by protecting and enhancing our beachfront, this great natural resource will continue to be enjoyed by future generations.


    • Voting privileges at the Annual General Meeting Privilege to hold any position on the Board of Directors
    • An opportunity for you to make a difference so that we and future generations can continue to enjoy the beautiful sand beach of   Sauble Beach now and in years to come!


      Donations, bequests, memorial gifts, etc. 
      would be gratefully received and acknowledged.





    Membership is open to all persons who are interested in and demonstrate by their actions that they are committed to the conservation of the dunes and beach at Sauble. We believe a strong membership base is the foundation for a strong effective group.

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    General Delivery, Sauble Beach N0H 2G0

     2014-2016 Executive
     President: Kathy Strachan

     Secretary: Linda Diggle

     Treasurer: Brian Fulford

    Dune Management: John Strachan, Keith Brownlee, Dave Corbett
    Media/Press/Grant Applications: Terry Diggle              


    First Nations Liaising: Kathy Strachan                                   
    Garden/Canadian Flag: Doug Lennox                                                   
    Sandfencing/Bench Monitor: Dave Corbett                       
    Bench Plaque Coordinator:  Sue Corbett                         
    Nature Newsletter/Sauble Signpost: Bob Snelling                        
    Clothing Sales: Russ & Diane Daniels                                            
    'Dopt A Dune: John Strachan, Keith Brownlee, Dave Corbett                                                                      
    Education Liaison: Keith Brownlee                                                                                                
    Membership: Kathy Strachan/Libby Campbell                                
    Website: John Strachan