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Water Quality



The Grey Bruce Health Unit follows a provincial Beach Management Protocol, which includes a pre-season assessment and routine (minimum weekly) sampling during the swimming season.

E. coli counts must be 100 colony forming units per 100 ml of water or less to be considered safe for swimming

The results of the sampling, combined with the knowledge from historical results, other environmental factors and any available epidemiological evidence are used to determine an appropriate response.

A beach will be posted as unsafe when the evidence suggests that the beach water is potentially dangerous to human health.

The Blue Flag Canada program, coordinated by Environmental Defence enhances this water quality guideline, requiring that at least 80% of the water quality tests conducted meet the 100 E. coli per 100ml of guideline. By meeting this added standard of 80%, beach goers can rest assured that the water quality at a Blue Flag beach is consistently good for swimming.



 MonthDay E.coli 
June11 10
June17 14
June30  30 
July02  10 
July 08 32
July 15 10 
 July  22 12
 July   2947 
 August 620 
  August 1213 
 August 1937


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