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Our History


The "Founding Five"

Our 10th Anniversary!

Ken Frook's speech at our 10th anniversary meeting August 14, 2010:

"It was the year 2000 and we joined in welcoming a new millennium!
  • The sport of geocaching began.
  • Tiger Woods won Golf's PGA Championship to become the first golfer since Ben Hogan in 1953 to win 3 majors in a calendar year.
  • The Musical "Cats" closed on Broadway.
  • Sydney, Australia hosted the 27th Olympics.
  • The first crew arrived at the International Space Station.
  • Hilary Clinton was elected to the U.S. Senate
... and Friends of Sauble Beach was organized!

Happy Birthday Friends!
For many of us it is hard to believe that 10 yrs have passed... what a decade it has been! Today we join in celebration of the multitude of accomplishments that have been implemented!

I have been asked to relay a brief history of FSB. The unfolding of the story dates back to April 2000 when 2 non-residents and 3 residents decided to voice their concern with Council's proposed plan to have a company named Park Smart operate Paid Parking on Lakeshore and entertain a possible return of vehicles to the beach.

Edith Galloway & Sheila Hatt were the two non-residents.
They both enjoyed a strong relationship with Sauble since childhood.
Their mother had a cottage at 709 Lakeshore.

The three permanent residents were Doug Lennox, Mary & Ken Frook.

On 3 separate occasions we addressed Council to express our concerns. On the last occasion, the evening of the vote, we had arranged delegations from other organizations at Sauble as well as Conservation authorities to also object to the parking plan. In the end, By-Law #26-2000 was defeated. Coucillor Dick Waugh immediately asked our delegation how we thought the Town would now pay for improvements to the landscaping below the Welcome to Sauble Beach Sign. Edith quickly replied, "We'll do it!" (Dick Waugh frequently tells me that he should be referred to as a Founding Member due to his early involvement.)

Early minutes and notes refer to 4 meetings which were held prior to inviting interested people to a public meeting in August 2000 at Huron Feathers church.

May 9, 2000
  • Friends of Sauble Beach emerges at First meeting
  • Held at Frooks' cottage
  • Attendees:- Joe Chisholm, Edith Galloway, Doug Lennox, Mary Lou Mailou, Steve Schultz
June 6, 2000
  • Doug Lennox hosted and chaired this meeting
  • Need for an educational pamphlet was expressed
  • "Dedicated to the beautification, enhancement and promotion of the beach"
  • "through our projects we shall endeavour to preserve the natural legacy of the beach including sand dunes, flora, grasses, bushes, trees"
  • "to promote the use of the beach, not the abuse"
July 4, 2000
  • location was on the porch of Leona Galloway's front porch
  • it was approved that the second project be the restoration of the landscaping below the Welcome Sign
July 17, 2000
  • held at the Library
  • report given of the work bee which took place under the Sign

August 21, 2000 was the date of our first Public Meeting which we held at Huron Feathers. With great anticipation we set up 15 chairs and were truly amazed when 30 people attended the meeting. We got a lot of mileage by later telling people that it was standing room only if you didn't arrive early!

Ernie Koshan, a Councillor for the TSBP chaired this first meeting. I was called on to introduce our proposed goals and vision stressing that we wished to be Pro-Active and a strong partner with the municipality as we attempt to protect, conserve and enhance the shoreline and dune ecosystems. Doug Lennox had done a lot of work on researching appropriate bylaws and he presented his proposal which formed the foundation for FSB.

Election of Officers:-
M/S Russ Daniels/Ian Saunders that Doug Lennox be Secretary Treasurer
M/S Doug Lennox/Vi Williams that Tony Pasman be Vice Chair
M/S Mary Ransom/Russ Daniels that Ken Frook be Chairperson

Fall of 2000
  • Research on proposals for Welcome Sign
  • decided to hold a Raffle in 2001 to attain funds
  • reassured by Town: Dynamic Beach Bylaw is solid
  • initial meeting with Chief Randy Root but no response from Band yet
  • information brochures printed
  • Bill Jones, Mgr. of Public Works reported that ownership between 5th and 6th St. N is very close to being settled
I should add at this time that Bill was a very strong supporter of FSB and aided our cause in many, many ways. I'll never forget attending a meeting with Bill when he actually said, "I love you guys! Whatever you say you're going to do, you do it!"

  • developed a liaison with Lake Huron Centre for Coastal Conservation
  • Geoff Peach, a Director of the Centre, became a lifeline for FSB giving us the Accountability we needed when addressing the Town.
  • recognized the importance of increased education of permanent & seasonal residents, campers and day-trippers
  • spoke to Seasonal Campers Assoc. The Sauble Chamber of Commerce and SHOW Garden Club
  • commenced selling Raffle Tickets at Kirklands Valu-Mart and raised $2200 with all prizes being donated by local artisans
  • the Raffle proved to be an excellent venue to disperse information about FSB
Launch of our Campaign:- "Sauble Beach Shoreline-Committed to the Vision."
  • Edith headed up the Campaign and Council was advised of our plans, along with a request for financial support.
  • received support from Grey-Sauble Conservation Authority
  • recognized the need to become Incorporated as we soon discovered that it was a prerequisite to being eligible for applying for Grants
  • commenced the detailed and lengthy application process to become Incorporated
  • commenced purchasing domed garbage can lids in partnership with the Town (initially we paid for 10 & the Town matched our donation, resulting in 20 being purchased the first year.)
  • Dave Edwards became our Treasurer
  • Incorporation Status Received on Feb. 8/02 - #150 6576
  • Applied for Ontarion Trillium Foundation Grant. The Chair was Edith Galloway, Dianne Sutter was the Evaluation and Vision Co-ordinator and Vince Artuso was the Entrance Restoration Mgr.
  • requested $51,000 to improve the landscaping below the Welcome Sign which included a seating area a flag pole, interpretive signage as well as the preparation of our first Sauble Beach Management Plan, often referred to as our bible



  • later we realized a grant of $48,000 and needless to say we were ecstatic! Plans for implementation were commenced.
  • FSB entered into a 5 year lease with the TSBP on the land below the Welcome Sign due to Trillium's requirements
  • we hired Radmilla Stupar, a student at Connestoga College to develop a Web Site and Membership System for FSB to assist with the education of members, Council and non-members
  • the student Grant amounted to $2 000 and Dave Jackson's involvement with this project proved to be a tremendous advantage
  • Our Raffle continued and in our second year we raised over $3000
  • more lids for garbage cans were donated in partnership with TSBP
  • "Dopt-a-Dune" and Shoreline Clean-Up programs were started
The foregoing information completes the Early Years of FSB. I would be remiss if I did not include the tremendous Success that has continued throughout the years! Strong committed leaders have volunteered time, talents and an incredible amount of effort to ensure the success of FSB. Allow me to take a minute to name other Executive members and their roles who followed over the years.

Doug Lennox after serving as our first Secretary and Treasurer became Chairperson. Since then Peter Seibert, Dianne Sutter and Mary Ransom have all served as Vice Chair and Chairs.
Sue Seibert has served as Vice Chair and has now consented to become our new Chair.
Bob Parsons and Brian Fulford have served as Treasurers.
We've also had Dave Jackson, Bob Snelling and Jean Jackson serve as Secretary.

Other members have held positions of added responsibility by serving as Directors, Fund Raising Chairs, Dune Management Committee members, Bench Co-ordinators, Sand Fence Co-ordinators, Dopt-a-Dune & Shoreline Clean-up Organizers, Sauble Bulletin reps, Buddies to Councillors & Staff members, T-Shirt Sales Coordinators, Brochure Developers and authors. Now that's impressive and I may have missed some other areas of responsibility.

Other Projects Undertaken

  • designed and established the FSB LOGO

  • reduced over 300 pathways to 25 Access Routes

  • provided Interpretive & Information Signage


  • responsible for the Reduction of Beach Raking

  • planted grasses in existing blowouts to help restore the dunes

  • involved local school children "Kids to Kids"

  • presentations made to many workshops & conferences, local, provincial, national and international about FSB. Honorariums received from these presentations were donated back to FSB in order to purchase a laptop and an overhead projector

  • established the Friends of Sauble Beach Lookout

  • implemented the second Sauble Beach Management Plan incorporating the area north of 6th St. to the River

  • added handicapped accessibility at 11th St


  • improved habitat for endangered species

  • responsible for swing sets to be moved away from Dunes

  • developed 3 brochures

Field Guide was written by Peter Seibert

  • education of residents and visitors continued in a variety of ways


  • instrumental in Sauble becoming the 2nd beach in all of North America to fly the Blue Flag

  • raised over $275,000.00 in 10 yrs to protect, conserve and enhance the shoreline and dune ecosystems at Sauble

  • recognized by Cottage Life magazine for our Group Efforts

  • responsible for initially Seasonal Sand Fencing and later Permanent Sand Fencing to be installed to maintain sand on our beach and dunes

      7 inches of sand collected after only one year!

  • provided over 40 benches and placed them on the beachfront

    And there is more!
  • fund raising ventures BBQ's and Fish Dinners - very successful!
  • Kirk Strachan, 2003 Summer Student... HRDC Grant
  • Keith Brownlee, 2008 Georgian College student for 5 months
  • a Web site - the envy of much larger organizations!
  • partnership with the TSBP (lately concerning private ownership of certain areas of the beachfront)







To conclude we wish to share with you some sentences written by Peter Middleton of Owen Sound in a letter to the Editor and printed in The Owen Sound Sun Times on July 15/08.

"The return of the Plovers to Sauble is celebrated for what it represents - a return of the beach to a natural and healthier state - and an unsurpassed compliment to the Friends of Sauble Beach and their efforts in beach restoration. The efforts of this group continue and are in part, the reason Sauble proudly boasts of its Blue Flag designation.

Friends of Sauble Beach can hold themselves proudly and say 'I helped to make a difference and leave the planet a little better place because of my efforts.' "