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  Appalachian Wounded Warriors is a great organization of volunteers who provide wounded warriors with a truly first class fly fishing experience. As a novice fly fisherman it is a god send that these guys bring guides in to teach us as we fish. It’s one thing to watch videos but it is quite another to have someone give you their undivided attention as they mentor you on the river and explain the reasons for what they are teaching you. 

  I think anyone can appreciate getting outdoors and fishing and forgetting about everything for awhile. The Appalachian Wounded Warriors makes it possible for some warriors who otherwise wouldn’t be able to. That is what I appreciate the most.

  The icing on the cake is I have never felt any different with these guys than I do with family!

  Keep up the great work and thank you for everything!
 Billy Brumfield

The Appalachian Wounded Warrior fishing trip at Harman's Log Cabins was awesome. Thank you for supporting wounded warriors, these trips are a very welcome respite from our daily struggles in coping with our injuries. 

Jarod was a phenomenal guide and I learned so much from him. I feel like my fishing skills vastly improved from our day on the water. I am truly grateful that I had the opportunity to spend a day fishing with someone of his caliber. This weekend will be an extremely powerful memory for the rest of my life.

Another powerful memory will be the difference that this trip made for my friend Billy Thompson.  I sincerely believe that this weekend made a profound difference in his life and I would like to thank you for this opportunity for the both of us. In addition, I want to thank You, your staff and Mr. Harman for making a trip like this possible. Only the greatest of Americans could welcome us as you all have. The military awards medals for feats such as yours and all of you deserve a Medal of Honor for your commitment to making a difference in the lives of our Wounded Warriors, Semper Fi!

Honor, courage and commitment are the values that guide us—Semper Fidelis is the motto that bonds us. To guard our nation is to guard its principles, becoming not only an elite warrior, but also a noble one.


Sam Comer

Appalachian Wounded Warriors , You really made me feel welcome. It felt great to be in the company of perfect strangers who showed unconditional love. It gives me hope to know that people still care. My disabilities left me with a social stigma that is hard to shake sometimes, but this event made me feel comfortable in my own skin. For once, I didn't feel like I stuck out like sore thumb. This was a very positive and healing experience and I hope to come to more. Once again thank you and I will be glad to help raise some support for the Appalachian Wounded Warriors in my hometown.
 Billy Thompson

Stress , Depression , Hate , Fear , Anxiety , Worthless , Out of Control , Not able to connect , Lost in my own Body . Are the words or descriptions that I could of used before I met the people of Appalachian Wounded Warriors . Fishing has always been a passion of mine but I have never tried Flyfishing . I knew it would be a challenge to learn and I knew it would be imposable for me if I had to be around a group of people . But within the first hour after arriving at Harmans Cottages I knew these guys have the same struggles I did . So I did not have the stress , fear and anxiety of being in a uncomfortable social setting . Scott took me to the fish and taught me some knots and flies to use . "THANK YOU " .. I believe I can use this "Fly Fishing " as a tool to conquer  PTSD and all of the other problems. Thank You Appalachian Wounded Warriors . Your Hospitality and care for Wounded Warriors is UN-matchable .
William Cheeks

On my trip with Appalachian Wounded Warriors . I did not know anything about fly Fishing . Thanks to one of their patient guides I was catching fish on day two . I left with many new friends and a lifetime of memories . This is one of the funnest , most relaxing experiences that gave me the hope and courage that I needed in my recovery process .
Kevin Mercer