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Cuyahoga County Public Library
Orange Branch
31300 Chagrin Blvd.
Pepper Pike, Ohio      

The Friends of the Orange Branch Library are people who believe that a community must have and excellent public library in order to thrive.  The Orange Branch of Cuyahoga County Public LIbrary has resources that includes books, audio-visual materials, online technologies, programs and services that have become a vital part of the Northeast Ohio communities of Orange Village, Pepper Pike, Hunting Valley, Moreland HIlls and Woodmere Village.

New Orange Branch Library FAQ

On June 13, 2012 the Cuyahoga County Library System and Orange School Board announced an agreement that will result in the building of a new Orange Branch Library to serve the residents of the Orange School District Communities. 

  1. Q: Where will the new Library be located?
  2. A: On Chagrin Blvd. next to the Senior Center on property currently owned by the Orange School Board.

  3. Q: How large will the new Library be?
  4. A: 15,000 square feet. Approximately the same size as the Brecksville Branch Library

  5. Q: How much will the new Library cost?
  6. A: Approximately $ 6.5 million

  7. Q: Who will pay for the new Library?
  8. A: The entire cost will be paid by the County Library System as part of their overall capital plan. There   will be no new taxes.

  9. Q: Who will own the new Library?
  10. A: The building and land will be owned by the Cuyahoga County Library System. 

  11. Q: What is the schedule for the new Library?
  12. A: The new Library is expected to open in 2014, with groundbreaking in 2013.

  13. Q: Why is a new Library needed?
  14. A: The existing Library is no longer adequate and it would not be cost effective to expand and renovate the existing building.

  15. Q: How will the community be involved?
  16. A: The first community meeting was held July 26, 2012. Additional meetings will be announced when scheduled.

  17. Q: What will happen to the old Library?

A: The old Library will remain in service until one week before the opening of the new library. The building and land are owned by the orange School Board and the future use is being studied as part of an Orange School Facilities