Dr Thomas James Walker, 1835-1916

Dr Thomas James Walker (1835-1916) was born in Peterborough, and educated at Edinburgh and Vienna before returning to Peterborough in 1860 to become a Doctor, JP and surgeon to Peterborough Infirmary (now the Museum), and one of Peterborough's most notable and respected residents. He was also one of the pioneers of laryngoscopy.
He researched and wrote "The Depot for Prisoners of War at Norman Cross, Huntingdonshire, 1796 to 1816", published in 1913.
In 1900 he also wrote "Notes on two Anglo-Saxon Burial-places at Peterborough". (Read at the Peterborough Congress, 1898), and in 1899: "The Traces of the Roman Occupation left in Peterborough and the Surrounding District." (Read at the Peterborough Congress, July 14th, 1898).
He was MD, FRCS, Fellow (Member of Council 1908-9) of the Royal Society of Medicine. Associate of the British Archaeological Association. Past President of the Peterborough Natural History Antiquarian and Scientific Society, and a Freeman of the City.
Read Dr Walker's obituary, from the British Medical Journal, 29th July 1916 (at UK PubMed Central).
Dr Thomas James Walker