The Eagle Stolen, 1990, and The Appeal, 1991

In the autumn of 1990 the column was toppled and the bronze eagle stolen.

In 1991 an international appeal was set up to raise funds to restore the memorial. It was spearheaded by Peterborough Museum, and included representatives from local parish councils, historical societies, sculpture societies and Le Souvenir Français. The story of the prison depot at Norman Cross, and the many nationalities of prisoner kept there, was of great interest locally, nationally and internationally.

The Norman Cross Eagle Appeal was formed with two objectives. First was to restore the monument and replace the eagle; second was to promote greater knowledge of the story of the Norman Cross Prison Depot and of the collection of models and other prisoner of war work displayed in Peterborough Museum.

An Appeal leaflet was published to raise funds, and this helped to attract support throughout the UK and abroad. This extensive support was both financial and practical, from organisations and many individuals.

The Cover of the Appeal leaflet.