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Tuesday 24 May 2011: Presentation to full Auckland Council
Seven councillors have signed a motion asking for the deal to be revoked. The mayor has kindly allowed the school to make a brief presentation to ensure all of the new councillors are aware of our situation and the options still available.Come along and show your support: 10am, Manukau Civic Building, 31-33 Wiri Station Road.

Monday 23 May 2011: St John Vianney plan change hearing
The 'deal' is dependent upon the successful rezoning of the hilly wetland at the St John Vianney site so that the school can be moved there. The vast majority of the 282 submissions are against the plan change.

Friday 20 May 2011: FOM newsletter
Available for download from the Document library.

Friday 18 March 2011: FOM newsletter
Available for download from the Document library.

Sunday 15 August 2010: TSB Bank Wallace Arts Centre Family Day
We were there to ensure the public understands the true costs of this 'gift' to Auckland.

Saturday 14 August 2010: Friends of Monte FAMILY FUN DAY
Inside the Pah Homestead the official opening took place. Outside, we had fun and quietly made sure our school and its plight were not forgotten.

Thursday 29 July 2010: ATA confirms deal
As expected, the ATA confirmed the deal. Presumably, the ATA believes Aucklanders have been consulted about Monte Cecilia Park, and are aware of and approve of the costs. They couldn't have got this more wrong.

Thursday 27 May 2010: Full council meeting to approve deal
The C&R members of Auckland City Council block-voted again to approve purchase of the Monte Cecilia School and Liston Village land. 
The decision must be confirmed by the ATA.
The former Auckland City Council and Bishop Patrick Dunn of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Auckland have gone to great lengths to rush through an open-ended, multi-million dollar land sale that will result in the compulsory relocation or closure of Monte Cecilia primary school.

Here's the latest artist's impression (click on it to view a larger version). This is nothing like what we were first shown and we understand the Council is busy buying up houses on Hillsborough and Herd Roads. Is there no end to this spend-up?

The only reason we have been given for the horrendously disruptive and expensive relocation of this school is that its land is needed for the future. We still don't know what this means. Hillsborough is not a high-growth part of Auckland, and it has One Tree Hill/Cornwall Park nearby. As our maps illustrate, there is no need for this functioning and historical school to be relocated: it is simply a new pet project of Mayor John Banks and a very old pet project of Deputy Mayor David Hay and, financially, it is fantastically good for the Diocese.

The Monte deal is for 6.3 hectares of Diocese land of which the 220-student school only occupies 1.1 hectare and yet, due to the massive cost of relocating the school (against its express wishes), the school's small slice of land will ultimately cost the Auckland public as much as $30 million, which is half of Auckland City's 10-year open spaces budget and at least three-quarters of the budget for this secretive deal.

The school has told the Council it is happy for some or all of the school buildings to be relocated adjacent to the park at a fraction of the cost but, inexplicably, the Council is not interested in saving money. To date, the Auckland Transition Agency has not reviewed the deal but will do so at some point in the future.

This web site has been created by the school community on behalf of itself and other affected parties -- including all Auckland City (and Supercity) ratepayers and New Zealand Catholics -- to make publicly available information relevant to this "backroom deal", which we conclude would be financially, democratically, socially, and morally unsound.

Relocating a thriving and irreplaceable school to buy a small amount of grassed land for a park dedicated to modern art is unnecessary, irrational, and irresponsible. We don't believe the deal would stand up to any measure of public scrutiny, but now you can decide for yourself.

Our community feels it has much to contribute to a successful Monte Cecilia Park. We are the living history that the master plan calls for. We are present. We are connected. We are passionate. We provide security and a regular flow of new visitors. We are willing for our school to be repositioned and remodelled to complement the overall landscaping and architecture of the park.

Please help us to stop this costly and divisive deal.

Important note: Some parts of web site are under construction. Any material prefaced with a red 'Draft' note is unedited and unofficial.
A question for all Auckland and Supercity ratepayers:

Do you support spending more than $30 million1 of public money to buy approximately 1.1h of land adjacent to a new* art gallery that is already surrounded by approximately 14h of parkland?

* Not the Auckland Art Gallery that we are already spending $48.1 million2 to develop.

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A question for all New Zealand Catholics:

Do you approve of Bishop Patrick Dunn's deal to sell the land beneath the thriving and dearly loved Monte Cecilia primary school, contrary to the wishes of the school and wider community, and to the legal assurances that the school would not be forcibly relocated?

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Monte Cecilia School, 1974
Current BOT member Anne Nicholson is holding the cup.
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