Who Are We?

Who's A Friend?
The short answer is YOU!  The Friends group is made up of people just like you who patronize the Maury County Library and want to make it a better place.  More specifically, the Friends of Maury County Library is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to support the Maury County Library through volunteer work and fundraising activities to assist with the many and varied programs that encourage literacy and community outreach.
Wow!  That's a mouthful!  But, simply put, the Friends believe that libraries should be the center of a community.  We also think our library is pretty special now, but as our community continues to grow and change, so too should our community services - and that's where we come in!  Friends are fundraisers, volunteer helpers, hospitality providers and promoters!
So, What Does That Mean?
Fundraise - Friends raise money for the library in a variety of different ways - bake sales, selling special items in conjunction with programs or special events, and collecting direct donations from individuals and community partners.
Lend a Helping Hand - Friends come to library events and help the staff.  Friends coordinate and create the monthly book display in the front of the library, and help out when needed at regular and special events and programs.
Provide Hospitality - Friends bring in snacks and beverages for program attendees and, of course, honor our wonderful library staff with special gifts of culinary love!
Promote, Promote, Promote - Friends are the greatest asset any library can have when it comes to spreading the good word about all the library's fantastic programs and services.  We try to connect with other groups, community partners, the City and County as well as send out press releases.  Friends also help plan and organize supplementary events.  We even make videos! Check it out!

Maury the Mule & TN Loves Libraries!

Our Mission
To make our library the hub of our community by helping it to promote
literacy, research, education, the arts and community outreach!
Literacy - The adult book club, the YA book club, the Summer Reading Program and the daily children's storytime.
Research - Free access to digital resources and Internet along with significant reference and non-fiction sections.
Education - Free access to the Tennessee Electronic Library (TEL) and Universal Class websites, as well as special programs for kids and adults.
Arts - Promotion of creative writing, which fosters awareness of the arts by developing workshops and bringing in special guests. 
Outreach - Job seekers can get free help at the library.  The children's library has partnered with the local Boys & Girls Club.  Free access to print resources and digital resources through free wi-fi access and library computers. 
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