Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I sign up to be a Friend of Maury County Library?
It's easy!  Just visit the Contact Us page here on the website and use our form to sign up to receive news about what's happening at the Maury County Library and what we can do to help!

Do I have to pay anything?

Absolutely not!  The Friends of Maury County Library is a non-profit organization that supports our local library through fundraising and volunteer efforts.  Of course, if you'd like to make a donation, please feel free to do so, just know that it's not REQUIRED. 

What would I have to do?

We ask that each Friend try to volunteer some time to help with the many activities the library has going on each month.  We try to help with staffing for events, set-up and tear down, as well as bringing in snacks and goodies.  We are going to do some great fundraisers this year - a 5k run being the biggest one, so if you have ideas, suggestions, or want to help in any way - just email at speedreader.mk@gmail.com
Why is there a Friends group?  Don't our taxes go to fund the library?
Yes, our taxes do help fund the library, but unfortunately, sometimes it's not enough. The Friends group serves to help the library in other ways besides monetarily.  We are the promoters, the helpers and the hospitality makers.  We do fund several small projects designed to reach out to the community, but our focus is to keep our library special in the hearts and minds of our fellow citizens, our communtiy leaders and our local politicians! 



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