Because of the growing support for the Friends of Latchmore we have now created a new website to improve the way we can post information to the internet.  To go to the new site please click on this link: Friendsoflatchmore.org

All updates will be posted to the new site.  Please save it as one of your favourites.

This site will not be further updated.  Thank you for your interest and support.


The Friends of Latchmore have formed as a group to protect the interests of Latchmore - a popular part of the New Forest - in the light of proposed works by the Forestry Commission.

(Photo - Latchmore Brook before "restoration")

Although the Forestry Commission are describing their work as "Habitat Restoration" the Friends of Latchmore believe that there will be significant destruction of existing habitat. 

We believe that any benefits that this work might deliver  are inconsequential, but that the risks it poses are highly significant.  

This site is being developed to promulgate  the concerns of the Friends of Latchmore, and to demonstrate how real these are with evidence of other work around the New Forest.

See the photos on this site for evidence of the results of similar work elsewhere in the Forest

Latchmore Shade - The Forestry Commission are planning to move up to 10,000 tons of gravel and clay across this ancient grassland.