Karibu! (Welcome!)

This is the home of the Friends of Kenya-RPCV group. Although most of us are returned Peace Corps volunteers who served in Kenya, everyone is welcome. Friends of Kenya-RPCV contributes to grassroots projects in Kenya and provides a way to stay in touch with Kenya, returned Peace Corps volunteers/Kenya, and Africa.

You are invited to become a member of FOK-RPCV and/or contribute to our project grants. We evaluate grant applications and fund those that will help to improve the lives of a community or group of Kenyans, mostly in rural Kenya.

Friends of Kenya-RPCV is a member of the National Peace Corps Association and we participate in conferences that they sponsor. 

This website is our primary communication tool, so please come back and check it often!

News and Announcements

Friends of Kenya suspends project grants

April 2011

Friends of Kenya has suspended grants for projects in Kenya until further notice. FOK has donated more than $60,000 in the last 20 years for local projects throughout Kenya that contributed to a community. The funds for these contributions have come from membership and individual contributions.

However, membership has declined and our funds for grant use has subsequently declined, resulting in this (hopefully) temporary suspension in granting funds for projects.

Should you wish to join Friends of Kenya, please go to the Membership section on this website for information. Should you wish to make a contribution to the project fund, please go to the Projects page. Your membership and contributions are most welcome.

Also, the current board of directors of Friends of Kenya, who meet monthly by telephone, is interested in finding a new cadre of RPCVs/Kenya to take over this organization. Should you or your group be interested in joining the board and be willing to carry on the work of Friends of Kenya, the official NPCA-recognized group, please contact us at FOKenya@gmail.com.

Friends of Kenya, founded in the mid-80s, seeks to 'bring the world back home' by educating others about Kenya, provide a common community of returned Peace Corps volunteers who served in Kenya, and to contribute to the well-being of Kenyan citizens by funding community-wide projects throughout the country.