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Each month, Bob, an RPCV/Kenya, reads and reviews a book. Usually the book is either about Kenya or by a Kenya author. However, sometimes it's just a good book about Africa. If you want to learn more about Kenya and Africa through books, be sure to check in each month for another review.

June 2011

One Hand Does Not Catch A Buffalo: 50 years of amazing Peace Corps stories

Edited by Aaron Barlow, Travelers’ Tales, Solas House, Inc., Palo Alto

Just in time for our fiftieth anniversary, this is a superb collection of anecdotes, reminisces, recollections, and heartfelt stories of the Peace Corps experience in Africa.

Sixty former volunteers (disclaimer: myself included) contributed essays about their memories of Africa to this book. We write about how we got there: waiting on the letter, odd training in preparation, struggling with language; our motivations: escape from home, exploring the bigger world, draft dodging, saving the world, adventure; what we did: teaching, engineering, agricultural extension, health work, community development, very little; the memorable people we met: chiefs and elders, strong village women, inquisitive friendly children, colleagues and friends made.

See attachment below for the entire review.

Sandy Seppala,
Jun 5, 2011, 1:14 PM