Who Are the Friends of Kent County Schools

Friends of Kent County Schools is a private organization whose supporters are parents, community leaders, educators and elected school board members who are actively engaged in the effort to ensure a quality educational experience for all students.  Its members represent all school districts within Kent ISD and the broader school community. All organizational funding comes from private donations. No public funds are used to promote the objectives of Friends of Kent County Schools.

Our Legislative Priorities

Adequate and equitable funding for our schools and students is the first priority for Friends of Kent County Schools. We seek a return to local control on a wide range of issues affecting our students.  We believe parents and school board members are best suited to resolve many of the issues hijacked from our locally elected leaders for debate in Lansing and Washington.

Our Successes

Friends of Kent County School members were successful in encouraging the Legislature return to a more equitable distribution of school aid funds through a 2X formula that helps to close the gap between rich and poor districts.  We’ve convinced many of our local legislators there should be more flexibility in Michigan’s high school graduation standards and achieved a return to local control on all-day, every-day kindergarten.   

Talking Points

Michigan is in an economic crisis.  Revenues are falling as unemployment soars.  The only way out of this decade-long recession is a better-educated workforce.  The talking points will help you engage friends, relatives and elected officials in a discussion about the budget issues facing our schools.   

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Oct 17, 2011, 9:07 AM