Providing Community for People Interested in the Ideas of Carl Jung

The mission of Greenville Friends of Jung is to provide education, workshops, and fellowship for people interested in the ideas and teachings of C. G. Jung.  Our intention is to foster psycho-spiritual growth on both a personal and collective level.  All are welcome to participate regardless of their level of knowledge or expertise.

What participants are saying about GFJ's presentations:

“Your choice of speaker was excellent.  Jenny had so much to offer us and expressed herself very well, offering much depth and breadth.’

“Material was illustrated with her own dreams.  In addition, her ability to communicate and depth of knowledge made for a wonderful presentation.”

“The opportunity to gather with folks and to be stretched by new thoughts and ideas.  Also to be reminded of the collective unconscious and how it works for us.”

“Expanded my knowledge of the concept of the collective unconscious.”