Volunteer Information & Education

"Volunteers don't get paid, not because they're worthless, but because they're priceless"

~ Sherry Anderson

There are numerous ways in which you can volunteer with us! You can foster, transport, help at adoption events, organize fundraisers, write grants, collect donations... just to name a few. 

The only thing needed to get started volunteering with us is a completed Volunteer Application.  If you have questions about other ways to volunteer with us, please feel free to contact us. See below for more information about the 3 most frequent ways people volunteer.

Volunteer at Adoption Events

Time is a very valuable asset to the animals we care for and can make the difference between them finding
a home or not. 
Adoption events are great ways for our animals to be 
by the public, a
s well as gain socialization from people and other animals. 
 The more volunteers we have, the more events we can participate in; which provides more of a chance for our animals to be adopted. Events are also excellent ways for the volunteers to get to know one another and you can make some great friends in the process!
Dates and times of events vary so please watch our calendar to know where we will be! Volunteers must be 18 years or older to volunteer alone.  We love having children attend our events, however, if they are
 under 18 they must have parental supervision at all times.  To begin volunteering, simply complete our online volunteer application and a representative will be in touch!


As an animal rescue organization, we spend a lot of time transporting animals. We are always in need of volunteers to help with transports. Transporting is used for a number of different reasons, including meeting another transporter to pick up an incoming animal or taking a rescued animal to meet a transporter that’s delivering them to their new home.

We also assist other rescue organizations with transporting animals nationwide. By rescues working together, animals can be transported across country to their new families. Transporting opens the boundaries of adoption by not limiting them to specific geographic areas. 

Watch for transport needs via email or on our facebook page!


Fostering is a huge responsibility where you provide a temporary home for a homeless animal until it is adopted (or specific amount of time). A foster provides daily care (food, water, shelter and exercise) as well as any medical care that may be necessary (transporting to vet appointments, giving medications 
appropriately, etc.). Fostering is basically taking on the responsibility of another furfriend without the expense and lifetime commitment. 

As a facility-free rescue group, we rely solely on foster homes. By operating in such a way, we get to know detailed personality traits about the animals in our program and can match them to their new families according to their likes/dislikes and any special needs they may require (fenced in yard, no children, no other animals, etc.). When you agree to foster, you are saving not only 1, but TWO lives: the animal you're fostering and the one in the shelter that takes it's place. 

How long are you committed to fostering? We prefer until the animal has found an adoptive family, however, we understand this isn't always possible. Unfortunately, we can't predict how long it will take for a foster to be adopted. Several factors play a role such as age, breed, temperament, time of year and how often they attend adoption events. If you need your foster to be moved, we can always make arrangements for that to happen. We are always in need of long and short term fosters, so please keep that in mind!

When fostering, you are not responsible for any of the vetting expenses; only making sure they get to the vet when needed. Food, litter and other supplies can also be provided upon request. 

Foster parents are permitted to adopt their foster as long as we all agree it makes sense and is what's best for the animal. Fosters will be given first option when adopting, however, we encourage you to think through the decision carefully so that you are not keeping the animal for emotional reasons only. Everyone's first few foster experiences are very difficult because you get attached and don't want to let them go. But remember, your role as a foster parent is invaluable! As an adopter, you may only be able to save one animal's life, but as a foster parent you have the potential to help dozens of animals! We encourage our fosters to keep in mind that adopting an animal may mean that you can no longer foster.

In order to begin fostering, please carefully read and complete our online foster application below.  A member of our foster coordination team will be in touch!

Due to the lack of education, communities spend millions of dollars trying to control and eliminate unwanted animals. Unfortunately, due to irresponsible breeding and the absence of spaying/neutering education, animal shelters are overburdened with a surplus of homeless animals. There are also many aspects of pet ownership that people are unaware of. For example, many people don't know/understand the importance of proper nutrition or safe alternatives to declawing.

In an effort to make more people educated about such issues, we've created links below where you can learn more about each topic. Knowledge is power, and power can bring about change!