Opportunities to volunteer include legal services, accounting services, writing and editing, researching, making a movie or a multi-media presentation, brainstorming, spreading the word about our activities, looking for grant submission opportunities. contact us

It's human nature to want to do something good.  It's also human nature to want to make a splash, if not on one's own than through someone else.  We often look for experts or celebrities or saints to guide us so we can be part of their splash, and collectively accomplish something BIG.We can't all be Elie Weisel or Albert Schweitzer or Gandhi.

It is important to respond to hurricanes and earthquakes.  Yet we can, surprisingly, go much much further by merely owning our own decisions.  We take on or join in a small nameless task; one we became aware of, perhaps only by chance.  We didn't seek it out, it didn't really seek us out either.  We can only spend a little time and effort on it as well. It won't make us famous - or rich - or be a great tax deduction - or anything else.  It won't cure cancer, or solve global warming, nothing that grand. A small corner of world might be the better for it, that's all.  I feel these are the strongest deeds and are our only legacy, even if it be unknown. They are right to do, only because they are right to do and nothing more. Nathan Kohn, Brookline, Ma, USA