Other Cemeteries

People that were born in Dokshitsy and immigrated to the United States tended to follow each other. This resulted in some locations having many.  Many of the immigrants went to New York, and stayed in the New York region for a generation or more.  Some of these immigrants created organizations (Landsmanshaft) based on their place of origin. Activities included mutual aid through loans or advice to members, access to burial plots, and a social outlet in a new land with familiar people.  

    The Dokshitzer Benevolent Society, which still holds meetings, maintained sections in at least two cemeteries in New York, Mount Zion Cemetery and Montefiore Cemetery. It is possible that some of the burials had no connection with Dokshitsy, although many of the names are familiar Dokshitsy names.

    Some immigrants resettled to other parts of the United States. Some of the cemeteries in these towns contain many who were born in Dokshitsy. In small towns with small Jewish communities such as Newport, Rhode Island, Sheboygan, Wisconsin, and Bangor, Maine the cemeteries  have a relatively large proportion of the burials included Dokshitzers.   

  1. Mount Zion Cemetery Maspeth, New York see  a list of names and dates of burial and a few pictures. 
  2. Dokshitzer Benevolent Society Montefiore Cemetery  Queens, New York see   pictures   and an alphabetical list of last names of 1/2 of the headstones.
  3. Congregation Anshei DokshitzMontefiore Cemetery  Queens, New York see pictures
  4. Farewell St., Newport, Rhode Island (see picture at the top of this page)
  5. Sheboygan, Wisconsin
  6. Bangor, Maine