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donations to The Friends of Jewish Dokshitsy, Inc.

Information for family and other foundations, charitable organizations, corporations, and employer and other matching grants follows.                      

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    Although The Friends of Jewish Dokshitsy is a Massachusetts non-profit organization, and its preservation and other activities are for the public good,  it does not have 501c3 status.  Fortunately, with the help of Commissioner Martin Gold, donations made to The United States Commission for the Preservation of America's Heritage Abroad,  which are earmarked to the Dokshitsy Project  which will then be  passed through  to the Friends. The Commission was created by Congress to help with these kinds of projects.  Click on the letter from the Commission .

Foundations may prefer to mail donations directly to the Commission.

Here is the complete wording from their website about donations, with the relevant passage in bold:

    Since the Commission is a United States Government agency, contributions to it qualify for the charitable contribution deduction for federal income, estate and gift tax purposes. Contributions made by private foundations meet the requirements of the Internal Revenue Code regarding qualifying distributions. 

 Charitable Donations to the United States Commission for 

 the Preservation of America's Heritage Abroad 

Checks should be made out to:

U. S. Commission for 
the Preservation of America's Heritage Abroad (USCPAHA)

Contributions should be mailed to the Commission's office at:

1400 K Street, NW, Ste. 401
Washington, DC 20005
Donations should clearly indicate that they are  to be used for the Dokshitsy Cemetery project
Here is a link   to their donations page where you will find the complete instructions.
Note: Even if the donation is sent directly to the Commission, please return the following form to "The Friends of Jewish Dokshitsy,Inc."

For a tax deductible donation the check must be made payable to "The United States Commission For the Preservation of America's Heritage Abroad." Mail check and this form to The Friends of Jewish Dokshitsy, c/o Aaron Ginsburg 101 Chestnut St E1 DL, Foxboro, Ma 02035 USA. (If you do not care whether your donation is tax-deductible make check payable to The Friends of Jewish Dokshitsy.) My donation of  $1000  $750 $500 other amount: ________ is enclosed. My name is ___________________________ Address: ______________ ________________________________________________________ Phone: ___________________  E-mail: ______________________
 May your name be used as a supporter of this organization? __________ May your name be used as a contributor?_____ (The amount will not be posted) Is your donation in honor or memory of some one? Provide their name ___________________. Would you like a card sent on your behalf to the honoree? Supply address: _____________________________________ Comments:  _________________________________________________________



Comments may also be submitted directly to

Mail this form and check to The Friends of Jewish Dokshitsy, 43 Ames St., SHARON, MA 02067.