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Yuri Dorn letter

February 3, 2006

Dear Joel,
My name is Yuri Dorn. I am the President of Union of Religious Jewish Congregation in Belarus, also I am
coordinating work of Jewish Heritage research Group in
I got your email address through one of the
genealogical websites. One month ago we have received
an official letter from Dokshitzy's local
administration saying that in 1965 Jewish old cemetery
was destroyed and replaced with a city park zone, but here are still about 30 tombstones at one of the
corners of the park. Local authorities are looking for
help in preserving of what left from the cemetery. Do
you think that your group of descendants will be
interested to join the project?
While my visit to Paraf'yanovo last summer (10 km away
from Dokshitzy)for the opening of memorial of
casualties of Holocaust I got a chance to meet with
some representatives of Dokshitzy's administration.
They seemed to be very friendly to us.

Shabbat Shalom,
Yuri Dorn.