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Response Nov 07

The Friends of Jewish Dokshitsy, Inc.
c/o Aaron Ginsburg, 43 Ames St. Sharon, Massachusetts 02067 USA
A Massachusetts non-profit corporation formed to perpetuate the memory of the Jewish communities of Dokshitsy, Parafianov, and nearby villages. Aaron Ginsburg, President and Treasurer, Richard Fein, Clerk,
Ruthann Ruthchild, Noah Horowitz, directors.
web site: Phone:1-508-682-3115 skype: aaron.ginsburg

Chairman S M Demeshka
Dokshitsy District Executive Committee of the District Soviet of People's Deputies
211720 Dokshitsy Lenina 31
November 23, 2007

Dear Chairman Demeshka,

Thank you for your recent letter. Ironically, I received it the day after you met with Dr. Franklin Swartz, although I did not know the result of the meeting at the time I opened the letter. I want to reconfirm that I have asked Dr. Swartz to work with you on my behalf both to finish the work that the town of Dokshitsy started, and to plan the re-dedication of the Jewish cemetery on May 23, 2007. I have full confidence in Dr. Swartz. In addition to being a good person, he has the necessary knowledge and experience. I will generally communicate through him. However, if you feel the need to communicate with me directly do not hesitate.

Dr. Swartz has informed me how carefully the tombstones have been re-erected, and I am grateful. With his help, I am coming up with plans to build a fence around the entire site, assist in landscaping, and erect a memorial stone to the Jewish community. Across the street at the massacre site, I hope to somehow point out that in addition to other residents of the town, most of the Jewish residents of Dokshitsy were killed in May, 1942. I will work with you to come up with the appropriate wording.

You may wish to explore the website I have created at I have updated it to refer to the work that you have done, to the dedication, to include the pictures Frank sent of the cemetery, and to add a blog.

By respecting the dead as best we can, we are also showing respect for the living. The good will that Dokshitsy is expressing will help to correct the one-sided view of Jewish life there, that not surprisingly, tends to be obsessed with the Holocaust.

I plan to attend this event, and hope to be accompanied by people from Europe, America, and Israel. I look forward to meeting you and the citizens of Dokshitsy at that time, and to working with you on this and similar projects.


Aaron Israel Ginsburg

Sharon, Massachusetts, USA